What does M.S.A. stand for ?

MSA is an acronym for My Style Authority.

What is My Style Authority ?

My Style Authority (MSA) is an online mobile-friendly beauty matching website where industry professionals and clients seeking beauty and fashion services are matched and connected. My Style Authority features professional's in the hair, makeup, fashion, spa and speciality cosmetic industries on desktop and mobile friendly mediums.

How do I feature my business on My Style Authority ?

All you have to do is click on the “Feature Your Business” button on the homepage; or “Professional Signup” tab under the account button. Next, you will choose your subscription and start filling out your business information. Next, you’ll pay and will be directed to your personal, editable dashboard to start creating your calendar, service menu, deals, etc. Or you can visit the “Pricing Page” tab, then review the features of the different memberships and hit the “try now” button.

How much does it cost to use My Style Authority ?

For the client/user, MSA is free membership. But, for the professionals MSA is a paid membership. For more information on the professional membership prices visit the “Pricing Page”.

As a client/user what perks do I get from using MSA?

As a client/user, MSA offers various navigation tools that allows clients to communicate and schedule appointments, view a custom list of matches, save profiles of selected professionals, search by speciality and location for other professionals, keep a record of transactions, upload and share reviews and testimonials.

Are there other methods for professionals to gain more visibility on the site ?

Yes. For professionals, MSA offers a plethora of advertising opportunities from banner and sidebar ads, and video advertisement on multiple pages of the MSA website. For more information regarding MSA local professional and major brand advertising opportunities go to the contact tab.