What's Your Undertone?

Have you ever bought a foundation that makes your face turn grey? Is your foundation looking too white even though you have blended it for hours?

Thankfully, there is nothing wrong with your face. It's just a wrong shade of makeup.

But again, the beauty assistant promised that it's your ideal shade! What went off in between?

Nothing. You just did not take your undertone into consideration.

Surely you have heard the words cool, warm, and neutral while purchasing makeup. Ever wondered what are those?

They are the subtle colors that lie beneath your skin. Unlike the skin tone, which might change (sunburn, tan, or the fairness that staying indoor gets us), undertone remains unchanged.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what you see is your skin tone. But what lies underneath is crucial to select the right makeup shade.

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But how you determine your undertone?

Here are certain quick hacks that can help you to this end:

The silver/Gold test: This is one of the easiest ways to identify your undertone. If silver suits you better, then you have a cool undertone. However, if gold is your color then you have a warm tone.

Vein check: You will require natural light for this. If your veins look purple or blue then your undertone is cool Green or greenish-blue stands for a warm tone If it's neither blue nor green then it's suggestive of a neutral undertone. Mostly people from the olive complexion fall into this category.

Use natural light while doing makeup: Though a lot of rim lights have become popular these days, use natural lights while doing your makeup. Observe your jawline and surface color. This area is least affected by a color change and can give you an idea about finding your ideal shade.

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With these tips, it's will be easier for you to identify the ideal skin tones, but what after that?

You need to know how to complement this undertone of yours. So here are some hand-packed pointers:

If you have a cool undertone, consider wearing a lot of blue. These can be blue eyeshadows or hints. Glam it up with red lips. You can even try pink and purple shades. These colors will give you the required pop.

Neutral undertones: Women with neutral undertones are true winners. Any color of cosmetics can enhance their looks. So, if you have a neutral skin tone, try to work it out with your eyes and hair.

Warm undertones: Ladies with a warm skin tone, you are in for a treat! Try out Earthy eyes to complement your yellow glow. Make sure you highlight your cheeks with a coral tone and you are set!

Makeup is all about enhancing your looks. Don’t shy away from colors and let that glow shine bright!