What Does Your Skin Say About You

Do you believe in 'why settle for the rest when you are the best?' If you belong to that category who believes in self, have that spark and also the oomph, why not let yourself shine? What holds you from being the dazzling diva? Though you can’t deny the fact that God gives you what's stored in his bags and that looks are not in our hands, but how will you carry yourself if you are not confident in your own skin?

A personality surely counts for an impressive outlook and while you have conquered the rest of the territory, did you ever crosscheck what your looks and your skin tell about you? We often hear that skin is the mirror to our inner self, so why not portray our best? 

If you are happy in your skin then you are indeed lucky! But if you aren't, just check out the few following guidelines and trust me, you won't regret. Skincare is as simple as it gets but the only problem is that we fail to follow it consistently.

  • We read about it everywhere, but very few of us actually follow it. You know what I am talking about? Skincare rule number 1, Drinking Water! Apparently drinking loads of water helps in keeping your body and skin hydrated, that works well to retain the elasticity and moisture of your skin. No doubt it’s going to fight the pimples as well.

  • Remember to keep your face clean and wash it twice a day, preferably with cold water. Apply a cream of your choice - better if you choose one suiting your skin type. Believe me, the age-old mantra of CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturising) will never disappoint you. Also exfoliate your skin once a week.
  • Make sure you workout. It’s good if you do that five times a week. It is not only great for your skin's health, your brain’s health and your energy levels, but it also makes you feel happy. Yoga and Meditation are the new cool and should be practised often.

  • Get a facial done once a month suiting your skin type and weather. It can be instrumental in slowing down the ageing process and certainly help in blood circulation, removing tan, dead and dry skin, cleansing, relaxing and most of all, makes you feel good.

  • And yes you don't need to go overboard with food. Restrain from eating too much oily, fried, fatty, and junk stuff. If you can’t do without it - restrict to once a week. Basically, it’s not a happening idea either for your tummy or for your skin. Instead, eat a lot of fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits.

  • And yes grandma told you right- early to bed early to rise. Don't miss your health and beauty sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours. Rest assured, it's a cool practice as it keeps your heart healthy, helps reduce stress, and also it's the time when your body repairs itself.

  • Shield your skin while sleeping and change your cotton pillow covers with satin pillowcases. Yes, it’s a nice way to preserve your skin's moisture and it also helps to reduce those sleep wrinkles. Not a bad idea to your change pillow cover once a day or two.
  • Collagen is the chief structural protein in one's skin and the fact is, collagen in the body goes down with age. It can be restored and there are collagen supplements which can be taken that help in revamping the skin's state in some time. However, you will need a doctor to furnish you the exact details.
  • Keep in mind that antioxidants protect the skin by restricting the production of free radicals that harm the skin cells and can definitely give positive results.  Finally, and most importantly, be happy.

We have heard people say a good laugh increases one's life. It is also the secret to radiant skin. So, be happy and keep glowing.

By Adetee Sokhi