Blossom For Your Hair

Now that winter has gone and the Spring is at your doorstep, it's time to bloom your curls and strands! Since Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year, with flowers budding all around and birds chirping, it is ideal to do something special with your hair.

In addition to the natural beauty spread all around, Spring is the perfect time for fresh fashion. Fashion enthusiasts all throughout the world wait eagerly for the Spring collections to launch, and thus begins the fashion parade.

While you will be all decked up for head to toes, your dull matte hair will surely not compliment your fresh look. So why not try some simple hacks and fashion tricks to pump up your look? Let My Style Authority show you the way.

Hair Growth:

Many scientists opine that the increase in sunlight during Spring triggers accelerated hair growth. In that light, you need to ensure more care for your blooming hair around this time of the year. If you have chemically treated hair, or colored hair, monitor your hair growth. Notice how quickly your hair roots start to show.

It is good to know beforehand that you might have to take a few more appointments at your salon for haircuts during Spring since the hair grows faster at this time of the year. So saving up a good amount now to meet up your salon bills is highly recommended.

Opt For a Natural Drying Process:

During winter going out with wet hair can turn you into a White Walker. The low temperature can literally freeze your hair and turn you into an Ice Age character. However, with the arrival of Spring, you have the option to dry your hair naturally.

However, if you need to set your hair for a big event, maintain a certain amount of distance between your hair and the dryer while drying your hair.

Trim Your Strands with The Onset of Spring:

Though you may not realize, you were not the only one freezing in the ruthless cold. Your hair too was nearly choking to death owing to the cold and dry weather conditions. Thus with the start of Spring trim the split ends of your hair to make it look healthy and bouncy. Additionally, trimming of hair reduces breakage, and makes hair look thicker and stronger.

Try A New Shampoo and Conditioner:

Do you wear your sweaters and turtlenecks for summer? Are you still wearing your earmuffs or hats? No right? Then why should your hair be squashed under the weight of Winter shampoo? Generally, winter based shampoos and conditioners are moisture based and thus weighs down the hair. With the onset of Spring, you need to select a shampoo that makes your hair bouncy and light.

Get More Natural Highlights:

If you are planning to get your hair highlighted this Spring, then opt for something more natural and striking. In that light, you can try balayage highlights to get a fresh look. This sort of less structured hair coloring will help sunlight bounce of your hair and thus make you Summer ready.

So become Spring-ready and bring out the best!