Winter care for your hair type

Adetee Sokhi, Nirvaanaa1
Winter is here and we are already fretting over the condition of our hair and skin. Too bad they aren't in the best of shape and neither are we excited nor elated about it. Since festivities are round the corner, all of us definitely want to look our best. Now with winters taking a toll on our hairand skin, it's high time we address it. 
The fundamental rule is to keep your hair moisturized. Next is to know your hair type and select a hair care routine accordingly. Basically all of us know our hair type and a few important hair care tips here-and-there. Just need to keep a few things in mind to retain the well being of our hair.
Winter care for Straight hair 
Avoid using weighty conditioner & don't apply it directly to the roorts. 
Wash your hair often but make sure your hair has dried before you step out of the house. 
Go for a balanced diet.
Avoid styling or using heating appliances on your hair in this season instead a light texturizing spray would be better.
Winter care for curly hair 
Use the LOC technique of Liquid Oil Cream wherein you hydrate with water, apply oil, and finally cream onboth the hair cuticles and the ends without fail. This goes a long way in retaining hair moisture.
Don't over wash your hair. Overwashing your hair messes it up, resulting in a flaky scalp.Additionally, remember to wash with lukewarm or cool water and not boiling hot. Hot water would just devoid it off it's moisture. 
It is recommended that you apply oils like Castor oil or Argan oil.
A note to rememebr:  Oils such as Olive oil not only looks after dull hair but also is good to use during winters when the hair is susceptible to dryness. Applying it would help you to soften your tresses.
Furthermore, Shea butter is good for damaged, brittle hair. It shields the hair from harmful UV rays and prevents sun damage.
Winter care for thin hair
Though thin haired people like to wash hair on a daily basis, for winter the advice would be to wash it on alternate days.
Take extra care of your hair and preferably use a satin pillow.
Loosely tie your hair when going to sleep.
Avoid using too much conditioner - once a week is fine. 
Use volumizing shampoo.
And you will discover a new happier you and your happy tresses!