When Stripes Do All the Talking

Can we deny the fact that our dressing makes a major contribution in the impression we create on someone we meet for the very first time? Certainly we are complacent about our looks and that's fine but we do need confirmation sometimes. Well, can't always dress up the same way but can try exploring things, like trying fun dressing with prints or stripes. As it is, stripes are prints - can be illustrated with embroidery as well and in a few other ways. Stripes are authoritative, definite, bold, and outstanding.

Stripes can be vertical, horizontal, asymmetrical or diagonal. Let's explore beyond the typical striped outfits with little novelty and flair to it. One thing to keep in mind while dealing with stripes is they create optical illusion. Yes. Like vertical stripes add length to you, making you look taller thereby giving a subtle slimmer look. And horizontal stripes add volume to you, making you look a bit bulkier. So, you had better dress smartly when playing with stripes. Similarly, using dark or light or bright shades have individual effects with stripes.

Talk of stripes and tops or blouses come to our minds. But let's think broader. Why indulge in methodical dressing? Think innovative. Can't we be inventive with gowns and maxis? As it is, they mostly look best with solid colors or particular prints or different patterns and designs. Lets try them with stripes. Yes, try vertical stripes on them and voila! You look wow.

Trying out stripes when in party mood with middies or dresses isn't a bad idea. Make sure stripes are placed where they accentuate your figure and not vice versa. Want that extra attention around your waist? Go for horizontal stripes around there. Any stripe can give a flattering look to your figure, all you need to do is play them well. Multicolored stripes too are cool.

Have a toned body and want to flaunt or highlight? A figure hugging dress with diagonal prints seems a cool idea. Contrasting solid colors when put together in stripes, leave strong impressions.

Of course, you can think of something casual with stripes, go for striped Harem pants or loose pants or leggings which easily give you a defined look. Stripes of similar tones also work well. 

If you are too fussy about your figure, try horizontal stripes with loose skirt and your figure will look proportionate - especially then when you are quite slim. They make for perfect picnic wear but even if it's for a movie date or for a semi formal look, they are just about fine. Pair it up with your perfect fit denims/loose denims. Remember to tuck the top/blouse in if you want to magnify that part but if you are not flat on your tummy, go for a loose flowing top with more stylish sleeves to it that would take away the attention from the tummy. 

How cool is that when you club the stripes in symphony to that of your partner's? It will give some relationship goals to vouch for. Not to forget the feeling of oneness with your dressing. Besides, stripes would do their bit and add attitude to your attire.

Finally, all we can add is that stripes are needed as staples in your closet as they add chunk to monotony and of course regularity gets a break with stripes making all the noise. Go ahead, discover your new style, discover a new you!