Being Fashionable On Your Weekend Gateway

We all live under a lot of rush and stress. Our work, our social life, our family all add up creating a pressure pot in which we cook ourselves on a regular basis. Under such circumstance, a quick weekend getaway is a pure bliss. But you don’t want to like a lump on your weekend trip. Even though you might be under a lot of pressure, let your style speak a completely different story! To that end, looking glamorous becomes important. But how do you look hot on a weekend getaway? Even more, when you have such limited dressing options? Well, fret not! My Style Authority presents you with the ultimate fashion guide to bomb your next weekend getaway!

Getaway In Style

Capsule Wardrobe:

First of all ladies, it's a weekend trip. You possibly cannot pack a closet to Narnia. Neither will you have a fairy Godmother to supply you with fashionable clothes on demand. In order to pack effectively for a weekend trip, carry items which have multiple uses. In addition to that keep the season, the climate of the place, and the trending styles in mind.

Shoeing It up

Do not forget to pack a pair of multi-purpose shoes. Shoes are like the cherry on top. Your outfit is never complete without a pair of complementary shoes. This rule of thumb applies to your trip clothing as well. Ensure your shoes are comfortable. There’s no point taking a pair that bites. You won't survive an hour let alone a day on your trip if you are planning on wearing uncomfortable heels. So cross them out immediately. The best options that you have are flats, sandals, comfortable heels for night outings, converse, and or sneakers. They can be dressed up and down! Oxfords too can be considered if your trip is to involve a lot of sight-seeing.

Hats Off

Hats and travel have a very peculiar relationship which cannot be defined. But there is something about hats which says “Vacation”. Thus it is needless to say that this item must find it’s way into your haversack. Hats are THE thing when you want a little shade on your face or you want to go incognito. It can glam up any dress and is the perfect option for a bad hair day. While packing a hat, make sure you pack a very flexible one. The fragile ones may end up in a mush once you reach your destination. A felted wide brim hat, golf caps, berets, and boaters are few among the best options.

Tote It

Though there is nothing very fancy about a tote, they are the best for a weekend trip. Sturdy, comfortable and large. These are the few things which make totes the perfect option for a weekend getaway. Totes can be packed easily into a big bag and have ample of space to pack essentials for a day of hiking or a tour. Add that carefree style to your look with a fancy large strapped tote or one with canvas and leather straps.

Dress Ltd

It's a weekend gate-away ladies, not a fashion parade. So please do not pack a closet! You can save a lot of time if you travel light. Keep it simple. A pair of joggers, a sundress, and two blouses will do just fine. If you don’t wish to be a repeater, here is a simple trick, go for solid color tops, floral patterns or simple stripes. Get into the habit of mix and match. That way you can wear the same things but no one will notice.

Shade On

Not only are sunglasses essential for saving your eyes from the blinding sunlight, they are the must-have fashion essential for a weekend trip. Sunglasses can be teamed with anything and add an instant quirky feel to the overall look. Go for frames that are big, but not too big for your face; with hundred percent UVA/UVB protection.

Suit Up

Weekend getaway means relaxation and what is relaxation without a dip in some water body? No matter where you are going, your trip will remain incomplete if you don’t take a swim. Be it a pool or a lake, a fountain, waterfall, or a beach; a swim is a must if you wish to do away with your fatigue. Don’t have the “should’ve, could’ve moments on your trip. We are sure you don’t want to sit on the shores while the rest enjoy a dip. Thus it is advisable to be prepared beforehand. A bathing suit must always be packed for a weekend trip. Bathing suits have always been trendy. Choose one as per your body type and hit the waters!

Jacket Mode On

You never know whether Mother Nature will play cool or hot, so be prepared. Throw in a light denim jacket just in case the air gets a little chilly. If crossing arms against a cold breeze was the best way, the Eskimos would have tried it first. Jackets can also glam up your outfit adding a little chic to your look. Remember the fashion lesson one on one? ‘Layering is the keyword of fashion”. So layer up your weekend funky look with a jacket and a hat.

Classic Black

You will perhaps find no woman in the world who does not own a jet black tee. That is one fashion essential that you must carry when you are on a weekend trip. Don’t worry about the season.

Black can be worn anytime, anywhere. It’s not called “a classic” for no reason. A black tee compliments anything. Be it a light denim or a dark one. There is no particular time to go black.

Key Points on Packing

  • The items you pack must complement each other
  •  Roll the soft items tightly and fold the sturdy ones. Put the soft items at the bottom of the suitcase followed by the sturdy ones to make more space.
  • Put small items inside the hat and place at the bottom of the suitcase to prevent it from crushing.

Have a great weekend trip!