Check out the latest wedding season style tips

When it comes to wedding season, every bride wants to look special on the most important day of her life. A wedding thus requires a lot of preparation; and a little guidance on your dress and accessories can make you look elegant and stylish on your wedding day. Imagine everyone who comes to your wedding will be eagerly waiting to see a glimpse of the bride in her wedding attire as she walks down the aisle. Style yourself in such a way that others look up to you and get inspired. It is not always necessary to sport the vintage style, but you can add your own creativity or check out these wedding season style tips for some ideas:

1. Dyed sandals

Tired for wearing the same white sandals like other brides do at their wedding? Want to get rid of the all-white monotony? Wear dyed sandals of your choice in quirky colors and patterns! DIY it or get it dyed from the store. Dyed sandals in bright hues like yellow, blue and red will not only add a pop of color to your outfit, but also look very cool and break the monotony of your otherwise white gown.

2. Capelets and shrugs

Layering your regular gown can be a great idea. Get an embroidered capelet or shrug of the contrasting color to that of your gown. You can go for a plain silk gown and layer it with a crochet capelet to add a feminine touch to your entire outfit. If you love to experiment then you can also try color blocking your outfit by teaming up your white gown with a neon or floral printed shrug. For STYLE DAREDEVILS ONLY. Lol

3. Silk flowers and pompoms

Silk flowers and pompoms never go out of fashion. You can get silk flowers and pompoms and get it customized with the color of your wedding gown. You can make a tiara out of them or attach them to your gown for a sophisticated look.

4. Wraps for winter

Embrace winter in style with wraps that will keep you warm and at the same time make you look very classy. If you are getting married in winter, you can try on some fur, wool or cashmere wraps for you.

5. Headbands

Get yourself quirky headbands or tiaras. Experiment your look with any kind of material and customization you would like to, from straw (DARING) to metals or precious diamond tiaras. Mix and match colors complementing your outfit or any specific patterns or prints in it.

6. Prints and colors on your wedding gown

The latest wedding season style tips include moving away from the traditional white gown and trying out other colors like off-white, baby-pink, lavender, etc. You can also try subtle prints, patterns, or an ombre effect of a beautiful hue on your wedding gowns. Just make sure that you do not overdo the accessories when you wear a gorgeous gown.

Follow these style tips to stand out of the crowd on your wedding and give some major style goals to the future brides-to-be.