Style Tips To Wear Snake Skin

Animal prints have been quite popular since the past few years. But Leopard prints and Tiger prints have given way to a more interesting print which is ruling the fashion world- Snakeskin Prints!

Snakeskin prints have become an all-year favorite. So you can try this print on crop tops, tunics, coats, skirts, dresses and of course on accessories like boots, bags, clutches and the list goes on and on!

You can pair this print practically on anything, but you have to keep things in control a bit. If things start to get too wild you might end up looking like an actual snake. Now that will not be very vogue right?

So, in order for you to go with the dress to impress motto, you’ll need some styling tips to pull off this gorgeous Snakeskin Print!

Less Is Always More:

No matter how much you adore the snakeskin print, you must know when to draw the line. If you use too much of this print, you might start looking like a fashion victim. So ideally just stick to any one item.

For instance, if you are opting for a snakeskin skirt, make sure that you are wearing a solid-colored blouse. @hannahbethstyle is pulling that style really well.

 Likewise, if you are going for a snakeskin print coat, stay away from a matching scarf to go with it.

You do not need to carry a matching handbag with your snakeskin print boots either.

Pop It With Pretty Colors:

The best way to jazz up your snakeskin print is by using some peppy colors. You can get your inspiration from some grand fashion shows where animals prints were worn with some hot colors by various celebs. Check out how @champagneemamii carrying off the look.

The colors that can best go with snakeskin print includes brown, white, taupe and gold! Or you can opt for some striking colors like red, green, mint yellow, and vibrant pink.

One Animal At A Time:

Mixing various animal prints is very hot on the runways. If you see a lot of fashion shows, you know how easily models can carry off some very complex looks. But that’s the runway ladies.

You do not want to walk the streets dressed all Tarzan! Things look nice on the runway for various reasons, the lights, music, all add up to the glamour. But in your daily life, no one is playing the Violin when you walk around. So stick to one thing at a time, unless you want to star in the Anaconda series.

Keep It Classy:

Now, remember that wearing a Snakeskin print is not easy. There is a thin line of difference between classy and super cheesy. Thus you need to be extra cautious since the Snakeskin print can be very dramatic.

So, if you don't want a Shakespearean Snakeskin coil then step away from frills, and fussy wears and keep the clothing lines simple and crisp.

You can opt for pencil skirts or shift dresses to avoid any confusion, something how @mksportsanista has done here!

The snakeskin print is killing it all! You need to try this chic style now! For more insights about the snakeskin print, check out our blog SALAZAR SLYTHERIN IS KEEPING IT TRENDY!

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