10 best wanderlust tattoo ideas if you love travelling

Does travelling gives you a kick in your brains? Do you spend most of your time planning your next stop? Is you home filled with souvenirs from different countries? Do you have a suitcase packed and ready with clothes and travel essentials? If the answers to the above questions is yes then you’re the one who love travelling.

There are people who plan to buy luxury cars and houses one day and these are wanderlusts who want to travel and travel and go on travelling to different places. Travelling is a great way to relax yourself from the tension and stresses of daily life. We have become so busy nowadays that we hardly manage to find some time out for ourselves. Luckily, some people manage to squeeze out some time for themselves, pack their bags and travel to different places. Travelling helps people to relax and gather rich experiences which one cannot earn merely by sitting in front of the television and watching travel shows. There is a huge difference between the real and virtual world. So, make a plan, buy tickets, pack your bags and go off to some beautiful place where you can rediscover yourself and find some solace, far far way from the busy city life. There are so much fun things to do apart from earning a living, like dancing in the rain, getting a tattoo or dressing up like a kid again! If you love expressing yourself, a tattoo could be a great way to let people know about the crazy traveler hidden inside you. It will remind you all the time about your zeal to travel and how traveling helps you to get over all the negativism and embrace a life of positivism and happiness. Here are 10 best wanderlust tattoo ideas that you can consider getting for yourself:

1. The world map tattoo

This is undoubtedly the best and most popular tattoo for the wanderlust soul. A world map tattoo is a sign about how much you love to travel across the world and how no boundaries can stop you from exploring different places. It also signifies that you are still old school type who would prefer the map any day over GPS while travelling to different unknown locations.

2. Flag tattoo

Love a particular country? Want to go back to a particular place again and again because of its uniqueness and beauty. Get a flag tattoo done! Getting a flag tattoo of a particular country is the evident how much you love the place and how it has earned a special place in your heart. By engraving the country map in your body, you are making it more closer to yourself.

3. Nautical compass tattoo

The best buddy for all the adventurers out there. A nautical compass helps you to find directions when you are unsure about a particular place and even when you are lost. Boost your travel spirit with the vintage and useful nautical compass tattoo.

4. Sailboat tattoo

Another tattoo signifying strength, enthusiasm and zeal for life. A sailboat tattoo signifies the free spirit in you and is a reminder that no matter how hard the destination looks, if there is inner strength and enthusiasm then the hardest hurdle can be sailed off smoothly.

5. Iconic landmarks tattoo

Loved the London Bridge or the leaning tower of Pisa? Get it tattooed on your body as a forever symbol. Wanderlusts can get various iconic places engraved on their bodies and proudly flaunt to the world about their personal choices.

6. Paper plane

Whoosh... Because original plane is too mainstream. Paper plane is lightweight, playful and shows the playful and adventure loving nature in you. Paper plane tattoos looks very cute as they do not take up much space and it also signifies motion and freedom.

7. Globe tattoo

Globe tattoo is elegant, chic and can be customized in a mixture of colors to make it look very bright and appealing. A globe being round actually signifies that you can travel around the world and what goes around, comes around. So whenever you are travelling from one place to another, there is nothing to lose, whatever you are leaving back will come back to you in the course of time.

8. Word tattoo

Shout out the best words that describes you through a proper word tattoo. Wanderlust, traveler, happy feet.......... And the list goes on. Choose the word that is closest to your heart and get it tattooed on your body. Flaunt your love in style!

9. Bird tattoo

To travel by yourself is to be free. Bird tattoo signifies freedom, hence you can get a beautiful bird tattoo done on your body. If you love travelling, you should always travel like a bird, free, independent, happy and looking forward to reach new destinations.

10. Anchor tattoo

Finally, the anchor tattoo! It is a sign of charm and good luck and stability. It is a symbolism of living life in a steady way and to hold on to all the good things in life. Embracing positivity and staying humble are the greatest virtues of life. A traveler must also very very high spirited and stay positive.

Tattooing is fun but before you get a permanent tattoo, keep few things in mind, once you get a tattoo done, you also have to maintain it. Decide what tattoo you actually want to get before getting one in a hurry because it is going to stay with you forever. Also, get your tattoo done from a reputed tattoo artist to avoid any kind of side effects or infections later. A beautiful tattoo reflects your personality and your inner self so get it done with lots of determination and care.