The Definitive List of US Beauty and Fashion Brands Ruling Snapchat

  • Being one of the best social media accounts, Snapchat has enabled users to enhance their beauty in seconds.
  • A dedicated list of the best beauty and fashion brands in the USA which rules Snapchat.
  • A lot of beauty and fashion brands are already very well established in various social media accounts while some of the brands are yet to make a mark.

You just cannot deny that the internet has allowed us to have a million ways to get a fix on our beauty. Starting from online shopping, YouTube DIYs to Snapchat posts, you can get beauty content notifications everyday at any time you want. Recently, Snapchat has become one of the best ways to share live stories with your friends all over the world. The platform is just perfect for the beauty addicts. With the Snapchat filters, you can enhance your beauty in seconds. Being related with beauty products and services, My Style Authority, out of its awareness about this aspect of the popular social media platform, presents a comprehensive list of US beauty and fashion brands ruling Snapchat.


We bet that most of you are Snapchat users too. If you love to follow the beauty notifications in Snapchat, then you wouldn’t want to miss out the Snapchat tutorials, Snap Stories and behind-the-scenes beauty looks. Initially, Snapchat was popular for a bit more blush worthy contents. But the app now boasts of having more than 350 million photos per day, which were once 20 million photos daily. Here, in this article from My Style Authority, we have brought you the most definitive list of best US beauty and fashion brands ruling Snapchat. We know you don’t want to miss it. Have a look now!


Calvin Klein


What can we say about Calvin Klein? Even a teenager is very much accustomed with this brand. Calling it as one of the best US beauty and fashion brands is literally an understatement. The brand ambassadors of Calvin Klein includes Kendall Jenner, and Justin Bieber. This brand has the most-coveted Snapchat content. The brand is not only about fashion. It’s about love which we all can relate to. This is what makes it different from other US beauty and fashion brands. The celebs involved with Calvin Klein also includes Margot Robbie, Kate Moss, Grace Coddington and Frank Ocean. Calvin Klein celebrated its 20th anniversary global advertising campaign with its first Snapchat post.




This one is the master of Snapchat takeovers among all the US beauty and fashion brands. Jared Leto is the brand ambassador of Gucci. He was handed Gucci’s Snapchat account for a day. Both Jared Leto and Hari Nef controlled the account to draw the speculation last year on which A-listed Hollywood celeb is going to attend Fall 2016. The apparels and products from this brand represent class and elegance. Gucci is all about luxury and heritage fused in modern style.


Louis Vuitton


Who would want to give up a peek into Louis Vuitton’s mansion? If you love to check out the best in class handbags and any other elegant leather products, then you must check out the Snapchat account of Louis Vuitton. You would definitely not want to miss out the cameos from the brand’s spokesperson Alicia Vikander, Lea Seydoux and Michelle Williams. Only time will tell what more features will the followers of Louis Vuitton get on its Snapchat account.


L’Oreal Paris


This is one of the best US beauty and fashion brands when it comes to the variety and quality of shades of makeup. Once you check out the Snapchat account of L’Oreal Paris, you will get access to the inside of this global beauty and fashion brand. L’Oreal Paris has got an insanely cool collection of photos in Snapchat with Sir John. Sir John is the brand ambassador of L’Oreal Paris and he is also the makeup artist of Beyonce. If you are using the popular lenses of Snapchat, then you will surely see an ad for the L’Oreal Paris. L’Oreal dedicated a custom graphic for the Valentine’s Day for promoting the infallible lipstick. The animated lens brings a bright lipstick to the videos of the users and shows them a variety of colors.




It goes beyond saying what Maybelline can offer when it comes to beauty and makeup products. Almost everyone knows what makes Maybelline one of the best US beauty and fashion brands. A brilliant feature of Maybelline Snapchat is you can add “single-stroke color intensity”. Maybelline introduced bold lens for Snapchat just before the National Lipstick Day last year. Maybelline has got the best collection of cosmetics for women. It also offers makeup tips, makeup looks, how to videos and other tutorials featuring the best in class eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and foundation. Once you use the Maybelline “single-stroke color intensity” lens, you are going to see yourself with bright and bold lips. Get started ladies!




Mac is everything you want within the best US beauty and fashion brands. It is a complete brand that any Snapchat user will look into. It has got product launches, beauty notifications, tips and a whole bunch of beauty tutorials. Mac is the makeup brand for the millennial which works wonders on social media. This is THE beauty brand which is love by almost every girl who loves makeup. Mac’s professional quality makeup is for all ages, all sexes and all races. The brand has got more than 100 shades of lips, eyes, and face and eyebrow makeup.




Nyx offers you with distinctive feel of graphic makeup shots, cool makeup lens and exclusive product announcements. The brand has a wide array of products which sticks to the clean color palettes and easily readable fonts. This is why; Nyx can stand out among the other competitive US beauty and fashion brands. It is one of the most active US beauty and fashion brands on Snapchat. It offers its followers with all the latest and exclusive product launch notifications. What else do you need?




Sephora leveled up their creative genius with their Shoppable Snapchat campaign. It was the first of its kind. The Shoppable Snapchat campaign was one of the most popular campaigns all over the world. The best part of Sephora Snapchat is they used another app and integrated it with Snapchat. This allowed the users in creating images which they can click when the image is saved as screenshot. Once you go through the Snapchat account of Sephora, you will realize, it’s a goldmine.


Anastasia Beverly Hill’s


Check out the plethora of beauty products from Anastasia Beverly Hill’s. This brand brings to you the latest and unrivaled collection of makeup and beauty products. Once you weave through their Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram accounts, you will discover the best Face makeup, brows makeup, subculture palettes and the collection of liquid lipsticks. The brand has successfully fused the science of skin care in its beauty products containing the best quality eye shadows, mascara, contours and lipsticks. The best feature of this brand is they are most successful in creating the perfect brows.




This is the first brand that joined the Snapchat bandwagon. The company is popular for releasing their best collections through Snapchat. The first Snap of NARS, took place in 2013. One of the best promotions of the company was the launch of Guy Bourdin collection. You get to buy the latest beauty and makeup collections through Snapchat account of NARS. If you ask whether Snapchat is the new makeup launch platform, NARS will definitely say “Yes” to it.




Want to have a glimpse of the most lust worthy manicures, nail polishes, lipsticks, eyebrow designs and makeup kits? Then you must check this one out. Along with the best collection of beauty products, you will get to see the people that come up with the names of nail polishes and lipsticks. The best feature of OPI brand is, it comes up with really easy DIY tutorials.




A lot of people want to check out YouTubers on Snapchat but don’t want to follow the YouTubers on Snapchat. If you are one of them, then this brand is just perfect for you. Benefit offers brief and on point beauty product launches. The direct launches of makeup and beauty products on Snapchat are fun to watch. This what makes the brand so much interesting to check out. Benefit has already partnered with the best five beauty influencers. The unique beauty product of Benefit is its foolproof brow powder.




Well, it's too bad that you can’t smell the fragrance of the TooFaced palettes through your phone screen. But you can get a glimpse of their cutest and latest beauty products through their Snapchat account. It is one of the most unique US beauty and fashion brands which go by the tagline “Better than Sex”. The quality of TooFaced products makes this brand a unique one. It has got some pretty cool tutorial videos which includes a “Flawless Matte Complexion Tutorial” and the “Kandee Collection Tutorial”.




When it comes to handling social media accounts, Burberry is a master among all US beauty and fashion brands. It is focused on offering platform native content. Burberry uses Snapchat for revealing the new products. It can do this is unique ways. Last year during London Fashion Week, Burberry released a snap story. The story was how two models are planning a break in a store on Regent Street in London. Burberry collected a lot of security footages, used numerous references from heist films, finds the locked collection, breaks into the store and finally gets caught. The whole story was planned and came into the headlines of Snapchat newspaper. It was one of the best examples on how one of the best US beauty and fashion brands can draw a huge attention and excitement from its audience.




Valentino is one of the most active and consistent US beauty and fashion brands on Snapchat. In the luxury apparels sector, Valentino is a very prominent name. Most of the US beauty and fashion brands would plan the Snapchat promotions depending on the Snapchat content for special events. But Valentino is different from the rest of US Beauty and fashion brands. Valentino uses Snapchat on a regular basis for offering its audience with a glimpse of its universe in a completely non-manicured and non-staged way. This is not what you expect from a major fashion brand like Valentino. And it is exactly the reason why Valentino is ruling the Snapchat world.


Every second of the day, a lot more US beauty and fashion brands, than those that have been mentioned in our list, have started identifying exciting angles from which they are going to approach different social media platforms. The number of social media platforms is also increasing day by day. Some of the US beauty and fashion brands are already well established in the social media platforms, while others are still waiting for the perfect time to start allocation of their precious resources.