Throwback to 2018

Another year is about to come to an end. In fact, we are in the last week, and there are just a few hours left for us to welcome 2019 with open arms! The year was indeed eventful, from the release of the Avengers Infinity war to the Royal Wedding, everything about the year was just amazing!

But the best part of the year rests in the trends that it brought in the fashion industry. A lot of classic old styles made their way to the designer racks this year. Long trench coats, checks, denim all came back to life! While the colour yellow dominated a slice of the year, violet took on the second part. All in all, we were lucky to witness some amazing changes.

Now that we are at the end of this eventful year, why not look back at the sought after styles which can still hang upright in your wardrobe? So sit back and let My Style Authority guide you through this whirlpool of fashion pieces!


A lot of 2018 was about the Sequins. Sequins was seen everywhere! From Met Gala to the Oscars, Sequins was drop dead gorgeous! Designers like Marc Jacobs, Simone Rocha, Tom Ford used a lot of Sequins or glitter in their work this year.

Go Denim:

This classic baby came back with a bang this year and rocked the wardrobes! Be it jackets, shirts, flared pants, denim took us by a swirl. The comfort of the fabric, the to-go casual look all contributed to the popularity of this style in 2018.

'Plaid' It Well:

Like denim, plaid too made its re-appearance this year. In the 1980's Princess Diana showed that even royalties can carry off plaid attire. Since then, plaid fabric and clothes have become the make of sophistication. Like sequence, plaid too was spotted in Milan, London, and New York fashion week. There is no right place to wear plaids. Be it at the gym, or for a formal lunch invitation, plaid can be your to-go look.

Trench Coats:

While plaid and denim are easy to carry off, trench coats are tricky. But that did not stop them from being “the” fashion statement for 2018. In fact, Vogue categorised plaid trench coats as the “It” look! Trench coats were indeed true time turners this year, and the best part is that they are here to stay! So if you are planning on getting a trench coat don’t hold back! This classic piece is not going anywhere soon.

It was All Violet:

The color Violet ruled 2018. The to-go color for dresses, skirts, jackets, jumpers. A lot of violet was seen on the runway and fashion events. Though the color was not really appreciated, it will not be right to assume that the color had nothing to offer to the year’s fashion! Like we mentioned time again, fashion is all about how you present yourself. There is absolutely no need to stick to the rules. Make your own rules! Play with colors and wear your confidence on point. Hold your head high in the coming year and be your beautiful self! May fashion be with you in 2019!