The Roaring 1920s in 2020

1920 is the most celebrated period in the fashion world, and for good reasons of course. It is clearly one of the most fashionable epochs of modern fashion history that put New York right on the world fashion map. As known, Paris was the fashion capital of the world before the war. However, with the loss of communication between the US and Europe, New York became the new fashion leader. Right from there, fashion began to morph, creating style statements by combing the elements of femininity and practicality.

Right after World War 1, the fashion statement went through some serious change. What was only limited to the aristocracies became available to the commoners, making fashion accessible for all. Some of the most sought-after luxury textiles could now be used and worn by middle-class men and women. During the war, various fashion shows were hosted to raise funds for the war. In 1914, Edna Woolman Chase, the then editor of Vogue put up a grand fashion show to showcase the creations of the various New York-based designers. Since then, NYC has been unstoppable in the field of fashion.

One of the fashion contributions made by New York in the 1920s was in the sphere of women undergarments. Mary Phelps Jacob who worked under the banner of Caresse Crosby designed the first women bra. Previously, corsets were used to create the push-up effect, which as we know, were not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. So, Victoria secret, you owe it to Mary Phelps Jacob!

Finally, fashion items could be crafted at home. Though DIY fashion is commonplace now, back in the 1920s, it was rare, nearly unattainable. With the new doors opening wide, fashion knew no bounds, and thus rose some fine fashion statements which are still quite popular in the 2020s.

Today, we will look back upon some of the most iconic styles, that are going to be roaring in 2020. So sit back, relax and take inspiration from a list of unforgettable fashion statements, handpicked by My Style Authority, CEO, Jessica Dew.

Wool Sweaters:

One of the most popular fashion picks of the 1920s were wool sweaters. Though these were available in diverse colors and patterns, navy blue and maroon were the most popular choices. Coming to the patterns, some sweaters were fashioned with fancy front buttons while others had a belt to go with it. Cardigans were in high demand during the 1920s, these were typically all-wool double knitted sweaters which came in huge color variety. If you are planning to wear wool sweaters this winter, then try sticking to classic colors and patterns. Team them up with skinny jeans and hoop earrings and fire on.

Bow Pump Shoes:

Back in the 1920s, women did not have so many choices for shoes. No, they did not have wedges or sneakers or anything quirky that are so easily available to us today. Shoes back in those times were more practical, crafted for daily use. Though colored shoes were available, the popular choices were black or brown shoes. Black pumps were very common. Crafted with medium round toe, those shoes were made with patent black leather. Mostly these black pumps came with an antique silver finished buckle and an easily adjustable strap. Black pumps are popular even today. Every woman has one of these for the “difficult days”. All you need to do is pick out an outfit and team it with the pumps, and the best part is, they gel well with anything.


While it's now possible for women to try the pixie, short bob, asymmetrical bob and such other bold trends with their hair, back in the 1920s, it was sacrilegious! The idea was simple, long hair equals feminine, short hair equals not al all feminine. But the stereotype broke when Dancer Irene Castle decided to opt for a bob cut. Women who chose to keep their hair long kept their strands loose. However, mostly the hair was made in a cottage loaf hanging low at the nape of the neck. Even today, this is a very practical style and looks gorgeous with business suits or formals.

Makeup Trends:

Till the 1800s, makeup was seen as the business or promiscuous women and stage performer. However, after the war, more women began to express themselves with makeup. Thus came a few very popular makeup trends like the cupid bow lips, half-moon manicure, and blushed knees. Blushed kneed? Yes, you have heard about it! Revisit the lyrics, “I’m gonna rouge my knees, and roll my stockings down. And all that jazz.”! Another very prominent makeup tend from that era was the smokey eye. We need not highlight how popular this makeup trend is still today!

Felt Hats:

Hats were an essential part of women’s fashion in the 1920s. There were huge varieties of hats too. However, close-fitting hats or Felt hats were pretty popular back in the golden age. The popularity of felt hats was not limited to 1920 (thank God!). These hats are an essential part of the street fashion culture today. However, the color options for Felt hats are limited to dark shades. So, if you are planning on adorning these hats, choose the ones in deep tan, bottle green, Burgundy and such other somber shades.

Silk/Crepe Dresses:

Different types of dresses were made during the 1920s. These were in diverse patterns, colors and were well suited to match the style of the women during that time. However, the most popular dresses from this era were in solid-colors. Generally, these were silk or crepe dresses accompanied by a thin similar color belt around the waist and delicate embroidery on the chest. This is yet another timeless fashion statement that you can try out even today. Such knee-length figure-hugging dresses are ideal for brunch parties, formal gatherings, and family vacation. Team it up with a felt hat, and bring back the 1920s right away!

Embellishments and Appliques:

Another popular fashion trend in the 1920s was the use of embellishments and appliques. Though popular on clothes, this trend was made even more prominent on hats. While velvet flowers, silver buckles, bows and other sorts of shimmering embellishments were used on headgears, appliques Were more subtle.

A gamut of appliques was used. A few of them included cord, lace, sequins, beading, and much more. These created delicate, intricately designed hats with a gorgeous pattern clustered either on one side of the head, around the entire brim or on the crown. But these styles are far from being gone! You can surely try them out today to go with your pair of denim and coats.

Style is always about pouring old wine in a new bottle. So use these popular trends from the 1920s and create magic.