The Hot Shots From Fashion Week

“F” for February and “F” for Fashion, or so what we call this Fashion-studded month! With the onset of February, fashion-lovers from all across the world gear up to welcome the trendsetter looks and ensembles. This year too was nothing different. Fashion knew no bounds in the New York Fashion Week and we are here to talk about some peppy trends that stole our hearts.

While many super hot styles made beautiful mirages on the runway, Jessica Dew has handpicked a few special ones which are sure to create quite a stir in the days to come. Oh yes! We are going to talk about the hot picks from the New York Fashion Week. So, why wait? Let’s get started!

All In Green:

Source: WWD/Shutterstock

While 2019 was a year dedicated to lavender, pink and neons, this year is going to be full of greens. That’s what can be anticipated by the show laid out on the ramp in New York Fashion Week. However, the focus is not on any particular shade of green. The runway saw a lot of varieties ranging from olive green to the neon shades of the color. Designers like Tibi and Ulla Johnson showcased a lot of minty greens while Priscavera showed us the perfect trick to team up a layered turtleneck with a jazzy mini skirt.

Cropped Blazers:

Source: Teen Vogue

Till last year we thought that we had seen it all when it comes to blazers. There were oversized blazers, printed ones, shoulder-padded ones. It almost seemed like we had run out of options, but nope! Enters cropped blazers! Various brands showcased this trend in diverse ways. For instance, Eckhaus Latta matched their cropped blazer with a hot mini skirt while Christopher John Rogers opted for a glam suit. All in all, cropped blazers add drama to any given look.


Source: InStyle

If so far you have been an ardent believer of pairing and contrasting, it's time to let that pass as it has gone out of fashion. The current trend is all about monochromes, or so says the New York Fashion Week 2020. For many, this fashion may seem to be boring, but that is far from the truth. If you are opting for monochromatic tones, you can either opt for separates like the ones seen at Sally LaPointe or even pick up shift dresses like those crafted by Marc Jacobs. Additionally, the accessories used in this look must also be of the same trend.

The Urban Punk:

Source: Coveteur 

This look was very much about the use of florals and plaid mix with other details. Michael Kors was one such brand that went great lengths to experiment with this look. The designer line involved a lot of masculine classics, trench coats, and shirts. Plaid, nautical and floral detailing were a major part of this range. No doubt the designer named this the “peppy punk” range.

Fashion is all about experimenting and trying out different tones and textures with grace. This NYFW saw all that! We cannot wait to see how these fashion statements morph in the following days.