The Fashion Week Fever Continues

Fashion Fever

As promised to all you pretty souls we are back with the second and final part of our Fashion Week blogs. So in the last blog, we discussed the type of clothes and makeup that you can make use of to look breathtaking in the ongoing fashion week, but of course, style does not end there does it?

At My Style Authority we believe, style is all about the confidence that rests in you and the comfort you feel in your skin. That is something that’s within all of us. Our only job is to surface that and make others see you for who you truly are.

Your bubbling confidence is highlighted when you know you are wearing the right thing and are aware of the particular styles that suit your body type. It is followed by just the right hairstyle and on point makeup. Finally, it all comes down to your communication, of course, you do not wish to be a brainless beauty.

We have already covered the type of things you can wear and how you can carry your makeup; but in this segment, we will be focusing on your hairstyles and finally your networking skills, which is by far the most important point.

We hope you have your pen and notepad or phone ready…

Hairstyles To Rock In Fashion Week:

Lock It Up With Bobby Pins

This hairstyle deserves a few pins for the upcoming fashion weeks. Created by Lacy Redway, the bobby pin up was first tried on Zazie Beetz for her Comic-Con look. In addition to being sexy, this updo is very playful and can be carried out with almost anything that you choose to wear. This personal favorite of Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid is a must try!


Forget playing on the sides, it’s center-forward time! Saoirse Ronan played off this look effortlessly at this year’s Oscars. The style compliments short dresses and flowing gowns perfectly. But the best part is that it's super easy to get done and manage! Pro tip: Try using a fine comb to create this look.

Glossy Strands

Glossy hair that bounces is an all-time favorite. The very look can be achieved by applying a generous amount of leave on conditioner, which is now available for fine hair types! So massage some on your hair, make soft wavy curls and you are good to go!

Curtain Curls:

Messy bangs always steal the show! Add a bit of classic to the style and pair messy bangs with a hairband!

While hairstyles are important, attention must be given to the types of accessories you choose to wear to the events. While hats are common hair accessories, why not get your hands on Monogrammed hair clips? If that is too much for you go for a leather headband! Designed by Tom Ford, the thick leather bands are your must-have hair accessory. Bring out the little girl in you by putting on small butterfly clips, of course with a lot of panache.

Loc Pony

If you are running short on time, Loc pony can be your to go, friend! Not only are they easy to create but are also low maintenance. Here is a Pro Tip: Once done with the pony, wrap the edges in a silk scarf for around 15 minutes. This helps in controlling the edges. Put some water on the tips to lay them down and viola your style in all set!

Overlay Pony

If you feel the pony is too base, go for a frontal overlap! Though it might look complex to you, trust us it’s very easy to make! Begin by making a pony, leaving some loc on the sides. Cross them over one another and secure with a pin! There all set!


Now that you are all dressed up from head to toes, it’s time to set some pointers on your networking skills. Obviously, you don’t want to get dressed up and go to the fashion shows and do nothing!

For every business, the first and most important component is networking which is based on your communication. In that light make it a point to carry a sufficient number of business cards with you to the fashion events. Go around the event talking to people, making general conversation. It is advisable to avoid talking business right from the jump. Begin by creating a base, talk about the show, and try to gain insights about how they enjoyed the event and such.

In these fashion shows, you will see designers, brand owners, models and other entrepreneurs who have always inspired you. Yes, it is natural to get cold feet, but push yourself to interact with them. Saying a pleasing “Hello” will not cost you your life!

As mentioned earlier, do not feel like you’re below anyone. Be confident about yourself and your skills. Do not think you are inferior to others in any way. Remember great designers and enigmatic personalities too had their struggling days. They were once like you trying to make a place for themselves in this even growing showbiz! Finally, do not worry about the guest list. Try and get into as many events as possible. If you feel too nervous, just refresh your makeup, apply a fresh swatch of lipstick, click your heels and make a go for it! All the best!