Swimsuit Moms!

Hi Moms! Tell us, are you afraid of stepping in the cool pool this summer dressed in a swimsuit? What? Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you cannot be hot?! Just take a look at the mirror, with two kids in junior school you still don’t look a day older than your high school years! So why shy away from a hot sexy swimwear?

You still have your style in place and your sexy meter is also on point, and what can be a better month to show all that?! Right? So summers are here. Everyone is sweating and it's time to hit the nearest water bodies being all sexy and hot.

To that end, here are a few picks of the sexiest swimsuits curated by My Style Authority!

V- Necks:

A day on the beach is about two things, looking hot and playful at the same time. There will be pictures sure, and you have to look both with absolute ease. Thinking how to get that? Well, all you need to do is get yourself a plunging or deep v-cut one-piece swimming suit!

Now with a hot type and cut like that, you can play a little with the color to bring out a fun look. Light yellow with white stripes, baby pink, or small prints could be options for you to try.

Transitional Swimwear:

Well if you are going to a beach, you surely have other activities in mind in addition to swimming. Or will you just wear your swimwear for the waves and then get a big piece of clothing to wrap your existence when you go to a surf bar?

Well, that is surely not happening. You need something which makes you steamy hot not only on the waters but also when you go to these activity bars. You need something like a nice hot transitional swimsuit.

These type of swimsuits do the double duty. All you need to do is put on a pair of hot shorts, and dazzle your tan.

Ruffle Swimsuits:

Ruffles are just everywhere this season. These babies can look both hot and super cute if you wear them right, But it's swimwear we are talking about. And beachwear is all about showing off your toned tanned legs and beautiful curves. Throw in some sex appeal and you have a hot ruffled two-piece swimsuit.

The ruffles are usually placed on the rims of the swimsuit. Just enough to keep it smoking hot.

Criss-Cross One-Piece Swimsuits:

It's ideal to go for tropical prints when you bask in the sun on a poolside or the beach. But many feel that a floral print swimwear is not all that sexy! Well, hello!!? Have you chanced upon the tropical -crisscross -strap swimwear?

These one-piece swim-suits have a sexy cutout and can surely bring out the best of you.

Strapless Styles:

Of course, strapless styles are very hot, but hasn't it become a bit boring over time? The idea is to look sexy the next time you hit the water, you don’t want to use an old, beaten style for that right?

So how about opting for a scalloped design on both the top and bottom of a two-piece swimsuit? Teamed with the right makeup and a killer attitude, you are sure to raise the temperature near the waters this time!

So grab on to any of these amazing swimsuits and head out to greet the waves in style!