How To Shoe It This Summer

Your makeup may be on point, your skirt may be of the right length, the hairstyle can be sharp, but if your shoes are inappropriate your entire look will shatter like a glass palace!

Shoes are the makers and breakers of fashion. Take Cinderella, for instance, it was only due to her glass shoe that Prince Charming could find her. Had she wore loafers to the ball, or just some ordinary sandals she would perhaps still be sleeping amidst cinders.

Maybe not to find Prince Charming, but you need some fashionable shoes this summer to shimmer in contour fashion.

Again the most important question takes shape in your mind, what to buy? Before getting into that, let's delve into a few pointers which might be of some help:

  • Summer is the perfect time to hit the waves, but you don’t want an ugly tan line on your foot. How to shield it? With shoes of course! So, if you are going to be a beach girl this year, then do opt for some comfortable and preferably covered footwear.
  • Hiking anyone? Then please do add a pair of comfortable sneakers in your shopping cart.
  • If you are planning to go with some bling or steal-the-show-footwear this season, then make sure your clothes are lighter in shade. This way you can divert most of the viewer’s attention to your peppy shoes!
  • A pair of black or tan pump must be there in your possession. Let’s say these are your foot fairies, and they will come to save the day whenever you’re in doubt.

Now, coming to your buying options, here are a few handpicked summer shoes by My Style Authority:

Furry Foot:

Floofy, faux fur has been trending in the market for some time now. It is needless to say that they look adorable and can be your ideal option if you are planning to go with your sweeter side for a day. It looks super cute looks and is very cozy for the feet. Be it a pair of denim or skirt, these shoes are just ideal. Check out @chas_does_hair and her style statement. 

Lace Shoes

Lacy sandals are the ideal beachwear and if teamed with the right clothes, they can look very sophisticated and classy. The sandals are very easy to carry and look super sassy with skirts, dresses, and shorts. @simuliatko is pulling off the lacey look beautifully. 

Denim Heels:

Denim will NEVER go out of fashion. It has been there in the by-gone days, it will be there for the days to come, and since they seem to be constant, why not pop them up as shoes?! A dark wash denim sandals can be very edgy and frankly, you will not need much help to pull off this look. Much oomph @_slaylene

Lace Boots:

Boots in summers?! Really? Of course, boots are ideal for your summer days, as long as they are lacey! The lace part of the boots makes way for the airflow and the buckles keep the boot in place. So now you don’t have to worry about your sweaty feet when you are attending a summer event! Slaying in lacey boots @casheroyal

Boho Boots:

Are you into colors? Do you like funky beads and strings? In short, are you a Boho chic? If yes, then these boots will steal your heart. Though ideal for a day on the beach, these can also be worn to casual events teamed with pastel shade shift dresses and skirts. You can, of course, wear these with denim, but these shoes work the best when they are on full show. Check out how @misssim74 is doing justice to this look. 

So, ladies, it's time to shoe it up!!! Check out what My Style Authority CEO, Jessica Dew has to say about fringe fashion and hot summer shoes. Do tell us about your favorite summer shoes and use #MSAFeature to get featured with us!