Fleet Week New York 2017 Updates and Your Summer Fashion Guide

Fleet Week is an American tradition that dates back to 1935. During this seven-day event, active military ships belonging to the US Navy, US Marine Corps, and US Coast Guard return from overseas to be docked across major American cities. Fashion, as we all know, loves to be influenced from time to time by military uniforms. MSA, therefore, wanted to update you on the Fleet Week New York 2017 and also provide you with a summer fashion guide that is inspired by this prestigious event.

Fleet Week NYC 2017

The 29th annual Fleet Week took place in New York City from 24th to 30th May this year. On 8th May, a list of fourteen ships was announced by the Navy. As has been the tradition, the nation paid tribute to the members of its Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard during this week-long party. At the beginning of the event, there had been a Parade of Ships during which the visiting vessels cruised along the Hudson river. During the course of the Fleet Week, there were military demonstrations, musical performances, a Memorial Day function, and a number of other activities around the famous landmarks of New York City. While it honored members of our naval forces, the Fleet Week NYC also gave us a military themed summer fashion guide which we all love as much as we admire the men and women in military uniforms.

Gearing Up for Fleet Week NYC 2017

Even before the dates for Fleet Week NYC 2017 were announced, it had been shaping the summer fashion guide because of widespread influences that the military forces had on the people in America. The US citizens being a highly patriotic people, it need not be mentioned that they were eagerly looking forward to witnessing this annual event. More energy was added to it by the location. As NYC is one of the most happening places in the world and it also ranks among the topmost global fashion destinations, it can be easily understood that the event had to be glamorous and outstandingly fashionable. As a matter of fact, it acted as a lively summer fashion guide.

For most of 2016, the world of style and fashion was abuzz with various interpretations of military gear. It was not hard to observe that the camouflaged uniform had ambushed the fashion realm - right from campuses to concert stadiums. It didn't even spare the high-profile runways of fashion biggies such as Marc Jacobs, Balmain, etc. Mainstream brands such as Gap and DKNY also could not avoid being infiltered by it. As a popular trend, the classic field jacket was stylized into various versions and sold across USA as a Spring alternative for biker coats.

Activities during Fleet Week NYC 2017

There is no reason to think that the 5000+ members of the naval forces that docked in New York City were only serious. They also brought with them a lot of maritime-themed entertainment that New Yorkers prefered over visiting the best beaches of the city. We too were no exceptions. We utilized every chance to correlate the event with a summer fashion guide while enjoying the view.

The Fleet Week started off with the Parade of Ships. During this, different types of naval vessels like aircraft carriers, warships and fighter jets sailed majestically down the Hudson river. There were also several historic vessels that added more awesomeness to the event. People enjoyed the spectacular show from parks located along the river. Once the parade was concluded, these vessels docked in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island. To spice up the event by several notches, there was the Fleet Week Welcome Party organized by Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum in association with the Metropolitan New York Chapter of United Service Organizations. It was an awesome bash where naval personnel were thanked for their services with free drinks while they danced and enjoyed. The party took place on the Intrepid and had a live DJ. Plus, the Alabama Shakes rocked the party with their high-voltage performance.

Last but not the least, there was the Times Square Flash Mob that infused a lot of panache into the Fleet Week NYC. The dance party lasted for an hour and during those sixty minutes Times Square kept swinging to jams by Svetlana & The Delancey Five. The series of events served as a live summer fashion guide and called for nothing less than the best of Jean-Paul Gaultier to achieve that sexy sailor look. As the Fleet Week NYC 2017 progressed, we observed that the impact of our military personnel and their uniforms on fashion and style is highly significant and the more we saw, the more we were awestruck.

Fleet Week NYC 2017 as a Summer Fashion Guide

We have observed and maintained all along that the Fleet Week NYC has always been a summer fashion guide by itself. The 2017 edition of this traditional event has not been an exception. According to Simon Doonan, Creative Director at Barneys New York, “fashion today is an unstructured landscape in which ideas and trends exist concurrently.” This has played a major role in making military uniforms a major Influencer of mainstream as well as high-end fashion. As the Fleet Week NYC is scheduled during summer, it is quite natural that people consider it as one of the annual fashion events in New York City. When abbreviated, its name shortens to FWNY which signifies both Fleet Week NYC and Fashion Week NYC! This is quite interesting a fact to note while talking about this event as a summer fashion guide for both Americans and fashionistas from all over the world.

In the context of this interesting topic, it needs to be mentioned that even after so many years of their conclusion, America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are still afresh in people’s memories. Political reasons apart, people are unable to forget them because of Americans who fought valiantly and ‘fashionably’ in these wars. The impact is so deep in an average American’s psyche that younger shoppers crave to attain that look. This is mostly because of the fact that the world is slowly moving away from conventional dress codes that are based heavily on gender. That is where the Fleet Week NYC 2017 has served as a potential summer fashion guide and struck a chord with the masses.

Even when mainstream fashion was not related to militaria in any way, people used to love combat uniform and wanted to have a piece or two in their personal collections. But it was not common to find a civilian wearing those while going out for a party. However, nowadays it has become commonplace to find a person walking the streets of NYC dressed in military-themed dress. As the world is going through a multitude of economic turbulence, leading fashion bosses feel that military styling is destined to stand the test of time and has the necessary potential to remain in people’s wardrobes for many seasons in a row.

Going by our observations, we at MSA second them. We feel it can be safely predicted that as long as military uniforms will continue to influence the fashion aspirations of people, the Fleet Week NYC shall also serve as a prominent summer fashion guide and help people across the globe redefine their style quotients. As a rather unconventional summer fashion guide that has been making a long lasting impression on people, the Fleet Week NYC will definitely impress commoners and celebrities alike for many years to come - both in times of war and peace.