The Impeccably Sophisticated Sumerian Night Fashion Show

  • In this blog, you shall get a sneak peak of the unique Sumerian Fashion and its evolution through the course of history.
  • You shall be delighted to check out the latest and trendiest Sumerian fashion apparels for 2017.
  • The blog offers you a detailed perspective about what happens at the Sumerian Night Fashion Show every year.

December is here guys and it’s the time where you get to be a part of numerous events taking place throughout Washington, D.C. For most of us, this is just the best time of the year. The celebrations and festivities of December make it so much likable. Among the most entertaining events taking place in Washington, D.C. the Sumerian Night Fashion Show is a unique one. You might have seen a lot of fashion shows and events. But the Sumerian Night Fashion Show is just extraordinary.
In the Sumerian Night Fashion Show, you will get to learn about the ancient Sumerian clothing designs and check out brand new fashion apparels from D.C. artist Rand Talal. When we hear about ‘Sumerian Fashion’, it may not seem to be an intriguing one apparently. But once you get to check out the latest Sumerian apparels and how evolved the Sumerian fashion industry has become, we bet you are going to change your mind. So, without further delay, let us offer you a brief about the Sumerian fashion.
A Glimpse of Ancient Sumerian Fashion
Since you are going to check out the ancient Sumerian fashion in the Sumerian Night Fashion Show, you need to know that, knee-length skirts were the typical piece of clothing that was worn by both men and women in ancient Sumer. For manufacturing the skirts, they used sheep hide where the exterior portions displayed clutters of wool and the interiors were skins. These skirts were worn with big pins. Ancient Sumerians depended on materials which were very easily available.
The Sumerian men at one point wore woolen kilts for covering up the lower bodies. With time, their attires evolved into something much more elaborate. It changed into lengthy clothing, almost like a drape which started from the lower legs all the way up to their shoulders. For summer seasons, these drape like clothes were created with soft flax, and for the winter, these clothes were made with wool. To make the clothes more fashionable, the borders of these coverings had ornamental trimmings.
The Sumerian female were dressed in lengthy coverings. A single arm and one side of the shoulder was visible. Most of the times, the left arms were hidden and the clothing covered their bodies all the way down to their ankles. The Sumerian women’s dresses were created in such a way that closely outlined their physiques. Some of the ancient Sumerian clothing designs were created by sewing animal hides but the fleece was not removed. The fleece was eliminated when ‘weaving’ became a common practice.
It was necessary for the Priestesses to emulate the older looks and they wore specially produced wool apparels that were designed in older styles. By the end of the Sumerian rule, both men and women wore skirts and shawls that were decorated with fringe. The styles of those skirts are reintroduced in the form of draping which you will find in different runway shows of Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Victoria Beckham.
The Latest Sumerian Fashion Apparels 2017
Fab Mesopotamia Skirt: This is one of the latest fashion apparels that you can flaunt at the Sumerian Night Fashion Show. The Fab Mesopotamia Skirt comes in tribal print. It is extremely fuss-free and perfect for a cool Sumerian Night Fashion Show with a leather jacket and boots or a pencil hill. The waist is elastic and smocked at the sides and the back.
Bias Cowl Draped Maxi Dress: Are you looking for a draped maxi dress to wear at the Sumerian Night Fashion Show? The Bias Cowl Draped Maxi Dress from Michelle Mason is just the perfect one. The asymmetrical cowl neckline works as an addition to the draped elegant design of this luxe silk maxi dress.
Avril One-Shoulder Maxi Dress: The perfect party dress is here! Check out the Avril One-Shoulder Maxi Dress prepared by Carol Skoufis that is designed perfectly in Sumerian style like a sarong-inspired front-wrap skirt. A perfect combination of glamorous style with a wink towards sexy.
Whenever You Call Maxi Dress: This one is a sheer floral dress perfect for the winter parties and event shows. The Whenever You Call Maxi Dress has a floral lace designed in Sumerian style at the upper bodice and sleeves that elevates the romance factor and offers the look of a curvaceous mermaid. The gown comes with a spine-baring open back.
Shein Winter Long Maxi Dress: Here comes the best Sumerian styled winter maxi dress. The Shein Winter Long Maxi Dress is casual and well suited for fun parties. It comes in navy marled knit with an asymmetric long sleeve that gives this dress a sassy look.
One Shoulder Long Sleeve Thigh Split Maxi Dress: Make heads turn at the Sumerian Night Fashion Show with this One Shoulder Long Sleeve Thigh Split Maxi Dress from ASOS. The side zip fastening design, strappy detail, high-split when you want to show a bit of leg fits you just perfectly.
The Sumerian Night Fashion Show
Every year, the Sumerian Night Fashion Show offers a detailed perspective into the fashion trends of the people of Sumer and Mesopotamia. The remarkable event took place on 2nd December at the Dara Global Arts Gallery. At this fashion show, you get to check out ancient Sumerian fashion designs and how the dresses evolved. Also, there were unique and original items prepared by the popular D.C. artist Rand Talal. The dazzling event observed glamorous models flaunting unique and original fashion apparels. There were exquisite hand-drawn paintings on a fabric which you could purchase if you wish to. Rand Talal showcased beautifully crafted and handpainted lamp shades, magnificent wall decors, and different other accessories.
Coming to the details of the Sumerian Night Fashion Show, the doors of Dara Global Arts Gallery opened at 2:00 PM and the fashion show started at 4:00 PM. There were refreshments for guests, and additional parking space was provided across the gallery. The event continued till 6:00 PM. Rand Talal is an Iraqi-born artist whose fashion designs and artwork brings a flavor of the Middle Eastern Art and Culture. She comes from a background of graphic design and her fascination is to explore the art through different mediums like handpainted designs, artisan creations, and fashion design. The event is definitely special for the people of D.C. but it became more attractive because it was organized by the Dara Global Arts Gallery. The gallery has got a brilliant collection of original arts which portrays the empowerment of artists and also their freedom of expression.
Well, speaking of what to bring to this event, all you can do is bring your smile and eagerness to know the Arab-American Culture up, close and personal. The event is actually free but tickets were issued so that people do the RSVP. The Sumerian Night Fashion Show was one of the most successful events in D.C. for this year. If you have missed it, then all we can say is, you have definitely missed some unique fashion apparels, hand-prepared art-crafts and home decors for this year. But, not to worry, you will surely catch up the Sumerian night Fashion Show next year!
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