2018 Oscars In Style: A Sneak Peak of The Style Portrayed

Red Carpet. When one hears this phrase visuals of famous celebrities dressed in their very best pops up in one’s minds. Glittery floor kissing gowns, well-tailored tuxedo, chiselled pencil dresses to high fashion recycled wears, the red carpet has seen it all!

Fashion goes on to an escalated podium on the red carpet. It can be called both the cradle and grave of style. Youngsters and fashion addicts stay glued to the television sets captivated by the styles offered by the red carpet.

But things go on a different level altogether when the style statements exhibited in the Oscars are being discussed.

You will hardly come across anyone who doesn't want to look good. So how would it be if that feeling is spiced up with fashion insights directly from the Oscars winners? Nothing like it right? So hold onto your seats as we take a fashion tour guided by the most sparkling celebrities studding the Oscars Red Carpet this year.

Fashion Is What You Follow, Style Is What you Create

This goes quite aptly with the stunning actor who won the Oscars this year for the film “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” Frances McDormand won multiple hearts with her moving acceptance speech at the Oscars. Going beyond style and fashion statement, Frances is one of the strong figures in this age of women empowerment. It is perhaps for this reason that the ace actor does not require a team of stylists and did not attend this grand event dressed in a grander designer dress.

Very few in the current world can walk their talk and Frances is one of them. The actor desires to be known for her exquisite performance and not for setting style trends. Her performance is her style. It does not need further glamification. She is a deviant, having her own style, setting her apart from the throng. Her pink slippers at the Film Independent Spirit Award, her no-black make-up free look at the BAFTA have added to her individualistic persona making her stylish in her own sweet way.

So who says you have to have the trending attires of the season in your wardrobe. Create your own style. Let your individualism do the talking.

Winning hearts is as fascinating as winning the Oscars. Or at least the same was portrayed by Viola Davis in the 90th Academy Award Red Carpet this year. After stealing the title of the most beautiful Afro in the Golden Globe awards, Viola set fire on the red carpet with her jaw-dropping hot pink gown by Michael Kors.

Last years best actress winning star paired her hot pink gown with loop earrings and a matching clutch with a sleek hair-do. Viola’s choice of the colour was a much-required break amidst all the beige and other dull-coloured gowns on the red carpet. Sizzle sizzle! No wonder her looks became the overnight sensation on the internet.

Viola Davis is your inspiration if you wish to keep it bold. Don’t hold yourself back while trying bold colours like neon green, hot pink and electric yellow. However don’t go overboard with your looks. Team up these dashing colours with just the right amount of accessory and a classic hairstyle.

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*Trumpet blows* *Royal Bow* As The King of Wakanda appears on the red carpet majestically. Chadwick Boseman turned all heads on the red carpet and raised the temperature of the event. The Blank Panther Star walked in an all black embroidered jacket.

Boseman chose not to wear a traditional tuxedo and studded the red carpet in a unique indo-western coat with silver embellishment. Breaking all the stereotypes of a red carpet look, Boseman gave a royal tribute to his character T’Challa, shouting to the crowd “Wakanda Forever!”

ollowing Chadwick’s style, men can bring in a change of taste in their wardrobe. Three piece and tuxedo are good of course but indo-western coats are love! Team up your black shirts with one of the embroidered jacket or other layers and add a dash of spice to a mundane party. C’mon! If the ladies can play stylish why do men take a back seat in the fashion game?

Talking of bold colours and dazzling designs, Nicole Kidman knows the hack tricks of fashion. Fashion is all about taking a bold stance with colours, sequence and cuts. Nicole Kidman, to that end, is no novice when it comes to award event styles. She has rocked in a chartreuse Christian Dior, a vivid red Balenciaga and the 90th academy award was no different.

Kidman presented herself in a blue-hued Armani Privé gown, highlighting her comfort with dazzling colours and bright sequence. Kidman made her look talk about strong feminism with a subtle bow around the waistline and a defined lingerie-style neckline.

The star allowed her gown to do all the taking, keeping her accessories to a bare minimum. She used simple mirrored silver by Louboutins with Harry Winston jewellery and an Omega watch.

Now here is a lesson ladies, it is advisable to keep the other things simple when you want one particular item of your look to be highlighted. If its the dress you want to highlight, keep the accessory simple, if its the other way round, wear a solid colored blouse or gown to define your exquisite piece of accessory.

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This year was all about an accessory game for Lupita Nyong. The star has always been showcasing the best hair accessories, heardbands being the favorite. Nyong pumped up the game this year with three thickly parted asymmetrical braids with golden threads. Her stunning hair accessory was in perfect match with her sparkling Versace gown.

Keeping it traditional with the culture of Rwandan Amasunzu hairstyles, Nyong added a gush of fresh style on the carpet. Her dream like hairstyle was drawn up by Vernon François, the name behind the hair fashion of the movie “Black Panther”.

Off the reel, hair accessories add a dash of freshness and quirk to the daily clothes. Funky braid beads, floral tic-tac, colored extension and much more options are available for individuals to choose from. Be creative and look like the modern day Rapunzel.

Fashion is all about improvisation and personalization. Fashion is about imagination and creativity. Bold use of colors, dazzling accessories, stunning hairstyles all starts with nothing but a fragment of imagination. Thus before gearing up for fashion, pump up your imagination.