Celebrity Style Inspo For Less

While looking at various celebrity pictures, most of us are often smitten by a particular ensemble. The colors, the detailing, the entire look is super hot and we end up imagining ourselves in that exact look.

Then we glance upon the price tag for creating that very look, and thus reality strikes. $400 for creating a casual yet cool look? Our hearts sink. Though we may have a lot of fashion ideas, most of us do not have the budget to buy those designer pieces celebrities wear.

Sounds similar?

But, as Jessica Dew puts it, “No one can put a price on fashion”, another common saying to that end, “WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE'S A WAY”.

To that end, My Style Authority brings to you the Celebrity Style Inspo For Less!

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then surely you have looked at the tie-dye ensembles showcased by Gigi Hadid.

Source: The Zoe Report

Her excellent tie-dye sweatsuit paired with white sunglasses kind of took our breath away! It's casual, peppy, and chic. With quarantine still imposed on us, all of the fashionistas around the globe are looking for something fun. Tie-dye is one such fashion trend that can cut through the monotony of quarantine life, and bring in some much-required burst of colors.

The tie-dye print was a childhood favorite, and now even adults can carry it off. The print is now available on everything. Bags, shoes, tops, dresses, accessories, you name it! With the trend so popular, it's possible to opt for a head-to-toe ensemble, very much like Gigi Hadid!

Gigi’s ensemble was dominated by blue, white, and pink, quite similar to cotton candy. Now, if you want to recreate this look, chances are, you may not find the exact piece she wore for less.

But with some tweaks and tips, you can create your own celebrity-inspired ensemble.

Excited much?!

The wait is finally over! Here are a few fun tips that you can use to create this very look!

  • If you do not have access to matching full-body sweatsuits, try out two pieces of garments. For instance, you can club a tie-dye shirt blouse with a solid colored skirt or shorts. And vice versa.
  • Since we are in the midst of spring approaching summer, opt for light (pastels), bright, and cool colors. Though dark-colored tie-dyes too look hot, they are ideal to opt for during Fall.
  • Find a tie-dye focal point to create the best version of the look.

MUST-HAVES FOR THE LOOK: White sunglasses, hair tied in a high bun, and white print shoes

Still confused? Here is a link of the video by Jessica Dew that can help you visualize this hot, bright glam look!

It's time to paint your fashion statement in some fun colors!