Style Guide For Christmas and New Year

The holidays are upon us, and so is our need to shop for the upcoming events. However, what to put in the shopping cart is something that we are all chewing on.

So far, the year has been all about upcoming fashion and the recent trends. Thus it makes it all the more necessary to put a fashionable finishing touch to 2k19. However, you will not have the time to shop for different items since Christmas eve, and the New Years’ Eve is so closely placed, something that we battle every year.

However, you cannot miss out on the opportunity to arrive high in top-notch fashion for the New Years party, can you? Oh God! What a bowl of soup is this?! But no worries, we have the perfect fashionable “ tool” to help you curry out of this mess. How about a few styles that are perfect for both of these significant fashion events? Oh, yes, it is possible, and the options are fantastic!

Curated by Jessica Dew, CEO My Style Authority, the following fashion options are what you need to ace your fashion game this year-end.

Red Silk Jumpsuit:

Jumpsuits have been super hot this year. So why not end the year with something from the charts? To play to the spirit of Christmas, you can opt for a red silk jumpsuit. While most ladies will be glittering in bold sequin and shimmer, you can stand out this Christmas and New Year party in something utterly sophisticated and hot!

Black Fringe Pencil Skirt:

Be the life of the party with a fun fringe skirt. However, if you wish to look hot, get one of these in dark shades, preferably black. Doll up with a cute cami or a pretty blouse and glow like a star. However, if dancing is in the cards, then do opt for comfortable shoes. You do not want to hop like a Kangaroo in your fun, fringe skirt.

Velvet Skater Dress:

Velvets are a hot winter trend in 2019. Surely this trend will carry forward for January 2020. To add to the mix, it's impossible to go wrong with velvet. Never can you do a faux pas with a dark-toned velvet skater dress teamed with polka dot stockings. This ensemble is ideal for those ladies who want to look hot in a zero amount of time. Just plug on your hoop earrings, and you are ready to go hot!

¾ Sleeved Sequin Blouse:

It's time to ring the Jingle bells with a sequin top! Or you can glitter it up this New year's eve party with the same. The best part about wearing this sequin top is that you will not have to worry about the ensemble. Just team it up with a classic pair of jeans, and you are good to go.

Faux Leather Pants:

This is one style that makes anyone look hot, straight-up. Another item from our “get ready in a jiffy” segment; faux leather trousers look super hot if teamed with the right blouses. One way to style them up is by teaming them with printed shirts and high boots.

If you have these four items in your closet stocked up for the festivities, nothing can beat you from being a stylista this Christmas or New Year. Doll up, and have a grand one! Happy Holidays!