Veteran Makeover segment by My Style Authority in association with TJ MAXX, Sephora and Ratner

The much hyped fashion site My Style Authority along with 3 other big names in the beauty and fashion industry, TJ MAXX Georgetown, Sephora and Ratner, are going to organize a veteran makeover segment to boost confidence and self esteem in the selected veteran on 14th November, 7:30 pm at Tysons Corner Sheraton Hotel. They have partnered with a charitable organization called Operation Renewed Hope Foundation and the make over segment is going to be a part of its Color It Purple Fashion Show.

MSA along with its three partners are making huge arrangements for the success of this special attraction segment. According to sources, the selected veteran is going to be given a head to toe make over with the help of top beauty brands and corporate fashion professionals including wardrobe transformation, make up and hairdos to inspire common people and help them to donate more in the cause.

No doubt, people are super excited about it. After all, such endeavors invoke a lot of enthusiasm and positivity from the common crowd and MSA, along with it partners, TJ MAXX, Sephora and Ratner, is taking a great stand by indulging in this beautiful and thought-inspiring activity.

We all know that beauty is only skin deep. But, in this make-believe world of today, people lay more stress on external appearance than your insides but MSA’s endeavor is going to change that concept. With the veteran make over segment, the director tries to emphasize that anyone, if beautiful inside, can be made to look stylish with the simple use of some professional tips and tricks. Do not forget to attend this event to witness the same.