Spring/Summer Fashion To Drool About

This year’s Spring/Summer fashion is all about vibrant colors, bold statements and a lot of oomph! It’s time to bloom like a daisy, ladies. Let that rosy woo on your cheeks make for your natural beauty. May the awe-striking dress of yours be the talk of the town! So we’re presenting the ultimate spring/ summer style guide by My Style Authority!

What’s Hot This Season

All The Glitters:

Glitter is the game again! It’s time to get your hands on a lot of sequins and sparkles; and the best part is that no one will judge you for it!!  The fashion capital is all glittery this year!! Sequins have made its way into the designs of famous fashion houses such as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Dior, and Chanel. Spread the stardust on your shoes, accessories, sweatshirts, and even makeup to get that much-desired spring fresh look!

Play The Pastel

Pastels are the season’s favorite. Be it lilac, pink or lemon, expect to see a lot of pastels this year. The shade is classy and adds an instant dash of sophistication to any outfit!!! On the plus side, the light shades keep you cool. An added bliss! It is perfect for office-wears, date nights, brunch dates and even Sunday Church Visits! Get yourself a tailor-made ice cream suit and become an instant head turner this season!

Check Mate!!!

Look who is back from the classic eras!!! Checks are bound to add that heritage touch to your daily look. Plus it's a unisex pattern, so boys this is something to chew upon. Check patterned skirts, shirts, coats, and pants are a must try this season. We wonder when did it ever go out of style? From traditional appeal to an urban chic touch, check covers all the fronts!! Are you looking for a flowy feminine appeal? Checks can get you that as well. Rush to Sonia Rykiel’s and grab a piece, tailor-made and summer ready! Gentlemen, the chequered Sherlock Holmes caps are back. Grab one for yourself and get on the art of deduction!

Plastic Beauty

It’s not a criticism. At least not this season. A new idea has come in this year, where the most environmentally opposed item has become one of the heightened fashion trends! Plastic is perfect for the British summers. To that end, waterproof plastics have become the growing trend this year. Plastics in various styles, shades, and patterns are likely to do dominate the next 365 days. Houses like Chanel, Isabel, Marant, Burberry and Calvin Klein are to use a lot of plastics.

Dash of Colors

It’s going to be blinding bold this summer! Vibrant shades of yellow, red, blue, and orange will be seen. If you like playing with colors this is your year!!! Use the most bright shade possible and team it up with even brighter accessories. There is one rule however, that there is no rule at all! It’s all about your imagination and desire. Team up your vibrant skirt with hot colored shoes. But be careful,, don’t become a hot mess.

Sheer Cover

Here is a bit of an irony, because sheer is all about revealing. This trend is just like the micro mini skirts, covering only the essentials. Sheers made its way to the headlines right from the Coachella festival. The design line covers sheer coats, dresses, skirts, cycling shorts and full briefs. Basically it’s all about what lies underneath. An excellent array of sheer outfits have been launched by Dior, Pabal Gurung, and Simone Rocha. So take on the sheer cover and let fashion roar!

Ruffle It UP

Presenting a Victorian touch in the 21st-century fashion- RUFFLES!!! Yet again a classic, ruffles can glam up any attire adding extra body and a sizzling flair. There are a lot of options to choose from. Ruffles are being made use of in skirts, dresses, tops and even accessories. Go for soft, feminine ruffle for your evening gown look or go power packed with heavy ruffled dresses. Excellent designs are available in Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, and Valentino.

Fairytale In My Shoes

The Fairy Godmother has granted your wish because Cinderella shoes are a game affair this year. If you are not that into glitters, but still want to be fashionable, glittery Cinderella shoes are your perfect alternative. Team up your Cinderella footwear with a pair of pastel-colored knee-length stockings and hit the roads in a fairy style. You can also go glitter in high heel pumps or cute stilettos. Go on, make your wish!

Smooth As Satin

Satin was seen on a lot of runway shows this year. Thus we can expect to see glam satin skirts, blouses, dresses, and shirts this season. There can be nothing more feminine than satin. Period. Satin is almost synonymous with the princess gowns described in our childhood fairytales. Not only is it sexy, it is the perfect choice of fabric for a romantic evening date. A bit of Retro and a lot of magic!

Polka Princess

In the words of Marc Jacobs “ there is never a wrong time for a polka dot”, perhaps that is why it has become one of the hottest style trends this year. A lot of Polka dots will be visible this season since a lot of big fashion names have taken up this timeless classic style. Be it a work-wear or an evening dress, polka dots have taken on the reigns. A smart black and white dotted skirt blazer combo from Dolce & Gabbana can be your perfect office wear. Go for the fun night out look in a dotted dress by Caroline Herrera. Lots of options!! Lots of Polkas!! Fashion is always about being creative, so do not just stick to the magazines while deciding on your look. Innovate. Play with colors and patterns. Go bold. Go Hot. But most importantly be yourself, that is one style that can never goes out of fashion.