15 Dreamy Spa-Inspired Bathrooms Ideas

Who says beauty has only to do with your skin and what lies beneath that? Is it okay if you look beautiful yourself and live in the midst of a dump yard? Not ideal is it? If you ’re beautiful in and out, then the sparks of it will also be felt in your house. It should give your guests a little  taste of the treat they are in for.

Though every nook and corner of the house should reek of wellness and beauty, special attention must be given to the bathrooms. This is one place where you can be yourself. Literally. So how about incorporating some refreshing spa ideas? Something which can cool your senses and calm your chakras. So let My Style Authority show you around.

Include a Lot of Greens:

As a part of a “healthy home” plan, something living can be introduced, especially in the washroom area where all the grooming goes on. A small potted plant can do wonders. The bright colors of the decorative plants never fail to uplift one’s spirit. Select one which will not only beautify the bathroom but can also be used for the purpose of skin care. Something like aloe vera. Not only will the plant bring in the freshness of a spa in your washroom it can also be used for treating rashes, sunburns, and skin polishing.

Mood Setting

What can set the mood better than some perfumed candles? If you want that spa-like feeling in your bathroom, then try mixing some essential oils to the candles. Get your hands on an aromatherapy diffuser and relax all of your senses in that luxurious spa set bathroom. Even if you are picky about smells don’t worry. Try out lavender, sweet orange, eucalyptus and many others till the right smell hits your sweet spot. Additionally, invest in soft sodium light for that soothing feel.

Invest In Towels:

A simple way to make your bathroom look more like a spa is by investing in towels. Get rid of the towels and shower curtains which have survived wear and tear. Introduce soft, neutral color towels to create a relaxing spa-like feel in the bathroom.

Table Top

In the daily rush, we are sure you do not get the time to lay your hands on some reading material or listen to some good music. Well, how about doing all that when you relax in your tub? A perfect spa feel can be brought into your bathroom by resting a wooden caddy on top of your bathtub. It can be used to keep books, a cup of mint tea, candles and other spa essentials.


If you are a beauty freak, then it can be assumed that there is a lot of stuff in your bathroom. So instead of strewing them all around store them in some cabinets. For that spa feel, make use of clear glass jars to stock serums, creams, cotton balls and such stuff. A wicker basket can be used to exhibit the towels. Stick to wooden, stone based and cane-based products to get that boutique feel.


If you aim to relax, then the choice of colors for your bathroom will play a very important role in. Choose amongst white, beige, blue and their contemporaries. Follow this by matching the curtains in the bath area.

Surprise Element:

Ah! Now that is something. Introduce some surprise to your life and to your spa-like bathroom. Maybe an odd piece of art, or a misplaced mirror, a vase anything which doesn't fit in the setting.

Keep The Senses In Mind:

What can calm the senses better than music? So play some white noise, a little jazz or a tad bit of blues can work just fine.

Now that you’re all set to transform your bathroom into a spa, don’t wait up. Relax and take a dip and lose yourself in an amazing spa-like experience.