Salazar Slytherin Is Keeping It trendy

Though Tiger and Leopard prints are still growing strong, a new trend has set in and many fashionistas and drooling over it. This new catch is the snakeskin print!

Snakeskin prints are going wild! You can find them on skirts, dresses, pants, tops, boots, bags, you name it! The best part is, this print has a very neutral undertone and presents a very beautiful pattern. All in all, you get the full appeal of snakeskin with no guilt attached- after all it's just a print and not the real skin.

So what can you get in snakeskin print? Well, the real point is what can’t you get?!

Let's discuss a few options that you can try!


Skirts and dresses are always beautiful. They are just glamorous on any occasion, and now you have the sizzling touch of snake print!

You can opt for snake print skirts and dresses which can make the ultimate fashion statement while keeping the look subtle and chic.

To bring out the best of the look, team your snakeskin print skirt or dress with a pair of boots and cashmere.

This look was perfectly crafted by @deborabrosa


Are you dying for some Gucci vibes? Well, it's all for you to try! All you need is a silk snakeskin print button-down top and there, you are ready to set some serious fashion statements!

However, to bring the best out of your style, keep your jewelry minimum, maybe just a gold pendant.

Check out how @champagnemani has set the trend! Isn’t she just glamorous?!


These babies are the pièce de résistance of the entire snakeskin vogue. If you use the snakeskin print boots properly, then you don't need much to bring out the best of your style.

So if you are planning to get all “Snaky” with boots, then do opt for the knee-height snakeskin print boots.

The brand, Paris Texas has a good collection for you to choose from. Check out how Tiffany Hsu, @handinfire is rocking the style!

Oversized Jackets:

An oversized jacket adds instant glam to your style and can be carried out in any season. While these jackets become a necessity in the winters, they can just be used for glamour in the summer months. Though an oversized jacket looks perfect with a pair of denim, you can take the look a notch higher by teaming it up with Biker shorts, co-ods and simple trousers.

Check out the look created by @myonly143

But there are certain dos and don'ts when it comes to pulling off this major trend with oomph. We have all that covered for you on our next blog coming soon!