The Best Way To Wear Sequin

Planning to glitter up the weekend parties? Well, it's impossible to rock the parties without some glitter. While celestial makeup can glam up your face, you need some stardust on your clothes as well!

Thus, the fashion essential for all the “party gals” and fashionistas this season is Sequin!! The fun glitter clothing is very easy to carry and is ideal if you wish to stand out in the family events, parties, holidays and all the other special occasions.

There is a wide range that you can look into. Be it skirts, dresses, pants, jumpsuits, the choices are endless. So if you were planning to add some glitter to your wardrobe you are in the right place!!!

Here are a few styles that you can give a shot:

Sequin Pants:

Sequin pants are really fun and can add instant glam to your look. If you are trying sequin for the first time, you can opt for something in black or any other dark shade.

However, if you are confident about your look, something in pink or red can be ideal. Since your legs will be glitter-covered, pair it up with some solid colored shirt or top for a daytime look. @tinuonline has created a beautiful duo. 

Hot Dresses:

Sequin dresses are simply killing it, and if you are head over heels about fashion then there are multiple options that you must try!!! There are many colors, styles, cuts, and layers that you can opt for.

If you are planning to wear a sequin dress for an evening gathering, then one with noodle straps can be an ideal option. The off-shoulder trend is quite popular these days and the same look will be super hot if tried with sequin.

Long sleeve sequin dress with a V-neck style also looks very classy and can also be worn to day events. Something very hot by @chidz

Cute Skirts:

How about a cute and fun sequin skirt to glam up for wardrobe? Though sequin skirts look pretty in all colors, a nice knee-length, bubblegum pink sequin skirt is sure to steal the show. Such a skirt can be worn in many ways. Pair it up with a pink silk top, heels and become the crown jewel of a party! You can also take it a notch down and team it with knitted tops and boots!

However, if you are planning on wearing sequined skirts this season, then do try out the rainbow-colored options. @trinitystylesct has done an amazing job!

Sequin Tops:

Sequin tops can be teamed with almost anything under the sun. Be it denim, trousers, skirts, dresses, you can just put on a nice, sleek glitter top and you are ready to rock! To make the look even more engaging, you can try coordinating the top with your shoes or hairstyle. Check out how @sheminr1 pulls off this look. 

Try out these “sequin-essentials” this season ladies and do send it a lot of pictures of the different styles you have crafted! Stay tuned to get more updates from My Style Authority CEO Jessica Dew!!!

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Shine on with sequins!