The Blue Blood Affair: Royal Wedding Dresses

It is the high time for discussing royal wedding dresses since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are tying knots in less than a few days! Obviously, the preparations for the much-awaited event is going on in full swing!

This gives an opportunity to all fashionistas to drool over the royal wedding dresses which will be a big chunk of the wedding. Wedding means dressing in the best; even more so when the wedding is going to be this Royal!The Royal duo has selected the St. George Chapel in Windsor, England as the venue for their wedding; and we cannot wait to see the royal wedding dresses which will be flaunted in that event.

In an effort to keep the “little princess” inside alive and beaming, just close your eyes and imagine what would you have worn to this event if you were invited by the bride-groom?! Crazy ideas start flowing in at the very thought. You rampage your wardrobe in your mind, imagine yourself in the best dresses that you have, but nothing fits right? Well, worry no more!! Just calm down, take a deep breath and relax. Your BFF My Style Authority is here to assist you!

When such a big fat royal wedding is being discussed, it is for the best to know the dos and don’ts. Keep your little black dress aside. You will not need that in a while. And no you cannot wear just a tuxedo for this wedding. Confused? Well, don’t you worry, here is all that you need, to be beautifully dressed for the Royal Wedding.

Royal Wedding Dresses To Die For

A discussion about royal wedding dresses goes incomplete if we do not delve into the sands of time. Much like all the aspects of fashion, royal wedding dresses too have gone through a large number of changes. Let's take a look back at the royal wedding dresses of the past, starting with Queen Elizabeth’s wedding dress.

Designed by Norman Hartnell, Her Majesty flaunted her wedding look in a rich satin dress. The dress was particularly inspired by Botticelli’s painting, Primavera. The material for the dress was sourced in from China and symbolized “rebirth and growth”.

Royal wedding dresses were transformed in a unique fashion for one of the most high profile nuptials of the 20th century. The wedding of John.F Kennedy and Jacqueline Onassis. This wedding came to be known as America’s Royal wedding for many reasons, one of which was the royal wedding dresses wore to this event. Jacqueline Onassis gown was designed by an under the radar designer from Alabama, Ann Lowe.

1960 saw yet another breathtaking wedding dress worn by Queen Fabiola. The queen chose to wear a drop waist dress made of ivory satin with a mink trim. The dress was designed by Cristóbol Balenciaga and is currently displayed in the Balenciaga Museum, in Spain.

Royal Wedding Dresses In Modern Times

Time has come when yet another royal wedding is just around the corner. So here is what all you should keep in mind while dressing for a regal wedding.

Firstly, ladies, a Royal Wedding is much about style, yes, but not much skin. The dresses you chose to wear for the wedding must be below the knees. In addition to that, cold shoulder or off shoulders are a strict “no-no- for a royal wedding. The shoulders must be covered.

There are a plethora of rules to be followed by women attending a royal wedding. All ensembles must be strictly conservative and old school, regarding the covering of the shoulders and knees.

Though there is no much scope for the dress, there are a lot of ways you can dress stylish and sexy without the showing of too much. Also, a lot can be done with the accessories,particularly the hats.

A hat or a fascinator can rightly be called a style staple for the royal weddings in England. A royal wedding in England is incomplete without a hat. Either you buy the dress and pair with the hat or vice versa, but the hat must be there! However, it is advisable to keep the size of the hat in mind. We don’t want a skyscraper hat in the church. You will be “royally ticking off” many! Keep the base of the hat within 4-5 inches and go wild and creative with the designs.

Now that your imaginary royal wedding look is complete… Don’t you look beautiful? Keep these tips in mind because, you’ll never know when a prince walks into your life. After all, you are a princess. *fairy dust*