“Reclaiming My Style!”: Refining Your Style After Kids

Society has its own expectations of what a “typical” mom should be: caring, sweet, and assertive. However, there are some conflicting views regarding how a woman should dress the second she becomes a mom. Some would say she is expected to dress business casual: khaki pants and an argyle sweater. Others applaud women that take pride in their personal style. Refining your style after kids, therefore, makes a lot of sense!

Of course, we see the Hollywood “Rock Moms” (a term coined by June Ambrose) killing the red carpets with their amazing wardrobe. These moms are fearless, showing skin, and not afraid of being confident in their bodies. Now, if you’re like the rest of us, we lead normal lives without the assistance of a glam squad to guide us to style perfection. Most moms I know, had a difficult time adjusting to their new bodies. If you are a seasoned mom or a day-old mom, here are some tips to refining your style after kids, and finding your perfect “mom-style”:

1. Find YOUR Perfect Fit!

When shopping for the perfect dress or that pair of jeans that hug your perfect curves, shop for fit. You want to feel comfortable, while moving freely throughout the day. Nothing is more annoying than having to adjust your garment, re-adjust, and adjust again.

2. Make Today’s Trends Your Own

While refining your style after kids, you must remember that athletic wear is a pretty hot trend nowadays. Women are mixing sneakers and graphic teas with midi-pleated skirts. Putting your own spin on current trends will make you feel like you have an identity other than your many roles as a mom. Find pieces you like and run with it, you might be pleasantly surprised with the awesome look you create.

3. A Little Lip and Mascara Goes a Long Way…

I know your life is pretty hectic as it is. Between tackling pick-ups, drop-offs, traffic, and work, there is little time for Mommy “Me Time.” But, a little lipstick (or gloss) can add a little glam to your day. A dab of mascara in the morning will have those lashes on point, without spending precious time on lash extensions at the salon. These small additions to your daily routine could truly serve as an instant ego-booster, and they make refining your style after kids totally worth it.

4. Experiment with Color

There have been numerous studies on how different colors can affect our overall mood. Refining your style after kids doesn’t mean that you have to be demure. Red supposedly ignites passion, white brings about confidence and power, blue is usually calming. Black can be seen monotone, however, black is very chic and classic if done right. Adding colorful accessories to your wardrobe can assist with this as well: a neck scarf here, a statement necklace there.

5. Above all, Confidence is Key!

However you decide to dress yourself, your confidence can make or break an outfit. If you are not comfortable with yourself, it will show the moment you step outside the house. Learn to love the woman you’ve become. Your kids will appreciate that woman more than you know. Refining your style after kids will not only revitalize you, but it will also redefine the way you carry yourself.