Are Puff Shoulders Really Back?

We are heading back to the Pretty Women approved style ladies, and yes, Puff shoulder trends are going to rock the Summers of 2019!

Now, there is a lot on the platter to try out. Sought after designers like Marc Jacobs and Ulla Johnson have beautiful puff shoulder designs for you to get your hands on. The options are almost never-ending. From lady-like dresses to retro-styled tops, all are available with poof up shoulders!

The puffier your sleeves are this summer, the cuter your silhouettes! Now, since this current trend is very girly, almost candy based, your choice of colors will be super cute. That can be anything between pink and yellow. Just team them up with the right accessories and makeup and lean in for a more romantic look.

But if pink and yellow are a little too much on the girly side for you, here are a few looks you can carry off in this trend. Let’s check them out!

Puff Denim Jumpsuits:

Denim jumpsuits with cute puff up shoulders are very in this summer. You can team your puff up jumpsuit with a matching colored shirt to add that must-desired edge to this otherwise chic look.

All you need is a pair of white sneakers to complete this look. Check out @vbiancav pulling this look off. 

Smart Dresses:

A long-sleeved dress with a hint of puff on the shoulder is something for you to try out which is not overly dramatic. You can carry off this look with striking or bold colored accessories, such as a neon bag or animal print boots. @ceceolisa can give you some inspiration. 

PS: Puff up sleeves look great with animal prints. You can try Snakeskin print accessories with your puff up shoulder clothes. Check out our blog on Snakeskin print for more styling tips.

Net Puffs:

If you don’t want to wear a dress for your dinner date, puff shoulder net tops paired with a pair of boyfriend denim is also a good option. The sheer sleeves give a very victorian look with a modern twist. Check out @himichelleli

Canadian Tuxedo:

Now, if you are looking for a fresh look to pull off in this style, then you are in the right place! A puff sleeve denim top paired with jeans in the same wash is your ideal option. All you need is a nice western belt and a pair of sleek and tall boots. The cherry on the cake can be one of the lady bags which are super trendy this year! @chrissyford is pulling off the style with such grace!

Polka Puff Shoulder Dress:

This is the ideal time to pair up two of the best looks of the season, polka dots and puff shoulders. If you are trying this look, choose a monochromatic look and accessorize with subtle pearl jewelry and PVC mules.

Of course, if you are looking for a way to glam up this look, a pearl-embellished headgear could not hurt! @alyssainthecity is looking like a dream right?  

So there you go, ladies, the best styles to puff up your fashion statement this season! But what all hair accessories will you wear with your puff shoulder clothes? We have got it covered too! Haute hair accessories are soon to arrive!

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