A Brief and Comprehensive Post Event Review of My Style Unplugged

Well, the My Style Unplugged "Style Through the Decades 50's, 60's, 70s" event is over and we can proudly say that the event was a very successful one. Very few times do we see people applauding and cheering for the fashion apparel/designs and makeup artistry created by every featured brand. Not because they didn’t create amazing looks, it’s just that most of the people are busy snapping and filming these days with their smartphones. This is one of the reasons why people aren’t  physically clapping, but instead clicking pictures. The amount of applause and appreciation that the runway show host Janell Henderson from The Working Beauty, event host Valdiviez, the designer brands for the Retro Pop Up Ethnicity BrandChris Benjamin Collection Jessamyn East Vintage,  makeup artists/estethican Sasha of J’Adore Bareskin Boutique, makeup artist Jozlan Quinn of Beauty by Joz; and choker designer Leading Lady LA, received during My Style Unplugged event at Ozios, clearly depicts that they have done a great job; that had the audience clapping for them.

The show started with the presentation of an exquisite lineup of apparels of the previous eras of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Our highly talented CEO and fashionista Jessica Dew herself was the organizer of the My Style Unplugged event. One of the major highlights of the runway show was the 60’s and 70’s style vintage fashions prepared by Jessamyn East Vintage, 70’s makeup inspired by Jozlan Quinn, and finally audiences just loved the 70’s Disco Glam fashion apparels created by Ethnicity Brand.

The fashion apparels were not the only highlight of the show. Another major highlight of the show was Jessica Dew herself. She looked stunning as she walked in the runway show. The event featured eminent makeup artists and full body waxer like Sasha of Jadore Bareskin, and makeup artist Jozlan Quinn who presented their amazing skills to recreate the looks and appearances of the previous era. We were honored to have the presence of DC’s style elite, DC Fashion Foundation, and celebrity stylist Lavell Witherspoon with us in this event.

Every minute of the show was impeccably planned and executed by Jessica. Starting from the fantastic melange of the light theme song to the presentation of impressive talents, ethnic designs that depicted primitive beauty in an extremely polished way. Nothing, absolutely nothing, was left to a chance and every event highlight was executed at the highest levels. The event offered excellent networking opportunities for the designers, stylists and fashion enthusiasts.

The complimentary mini-services and beauty ‘swag-bags’ was appreciated by the best-dressed winners. There were Pop-Up Shops where people bought the exquisite fashion apparels and accessories prepared by Ethnicity Brand, the Chris Benjamin Collection, Leading Lady LA, Jadore Bareskin, Jessamyn East Vintage, and live make-up tutorials by Jozlan Quinn. Apart from the hairstyles and fashion apparels of the previous era, the renowned guests also showed their skills and tips in creating elaborate patterns on accessories. 

This is what made every accessory a unique piece of luxury. The addition of such exquisite pieces of accessories created and presented by our renowned guests added an extra layer of dramatic ancestral power to the show. My Style Unplugged was absolutely a turbulence-free SYTLE event that offered a mesmerizing experience to every single guest.

Starting from the black leather apparels covered in gold studs, echoing a tribal scarification to the pleated goddess gowns that are much more modern in appearance, all the fashion apparels were extraordinarily redefined. It was evident from the fashion apparels that how much respect the designers have towards the fashion and style statements of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The Flawless event organized by Jessica Dew, had excellent presentations, complimentary drinks, ‘swag-bags’ and innumerable networking opportunities, that made the event an extremely successful one. Stay tuned for more such events in the near future!