All That Is Pink and Fabulous! (Inspired by the 7 Rings Music Video by Ariana Grande)

Ariana Grande has been hitting the headlines of not only chartbuster songs in the U.S. billboard, but also of fashion news for a long time, and we know why she deserves the praise of both worlds. Not only she possesses an exceptional talent in singing, but her talent and exotic taste in fashion are quite noteworthy as well. We’ve taken some serious notes on Ariana Grande’s style ideas and have presented some of her trendy style statements that are definitely worth trying on:

Hoop Earrings: 

Despite having pretty faces and a good physique, the beauty of many women remains unnoticed. Worry not; we’re here to glam up your style game with jewelry that puts your facial features in perfect balance – hoop earrings. Not only they come in various sizes and colors, but hoop earrings also have an eye-catching simplicity that makes the bystanders gaze at them, thus giving its wearer an immense amount of attention. Hoop earrings go well with any outfit and are very easy to maintain. The only thing to be kept in mind is to choose the earrings in accordance to your face size. Simply put them on and walk down the streets like Ariana Grande while every passerby stops and turns to look at the stunning beauty that walked past them. 

High Ponytail:

If anything, we’ve learned from 7 Rings that higher eyebrows, thicker lashes, glossier lips are the basic requirements to carry off that smoky swagger with trendy outfits. And the best way to put them all together is to tie your thick hair in a high ponytail and walk your way off like a fashion queen, just like Ariana. High ponytail pulls your back in a tighter fashion, giving your face a sharper tone, highlighting your eyes, jawline, and cheekbones. High ponytails go best with semi-formal attire; say, for example, a thick fur coat and a thigh-length dress. Heels are a must to carry this fashion in a suave manner. Rest assured, men will be falling head over heels for that thick, luscious hairdo of yours, while you reply with a haughty smile: You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it (wink!)

Pink is the New Fab:

We bet ten years back, nobody had thought in their wildest dreams, that the color that was used for making dolls and baby dresses would become the trendiest vogue in today’s fashion era. Who could have thought that the color pink would no longer remain a kids’ favorite, but would also dominate as a mainstream trend color? From miniskirts to thick fur coats, from wristwatches to knee-high stockings, pink is now the empress of clothing. Watch, as Ariana Grande steams up your TV screen with her stunning sensuality, as she dons nothing but pink, sings in a pink-themed arena, with her girl gangs in pink as well. It’s time you put an ample amount of pink in your wardrobe collection as well, to give off that “sweet and sexy” vibe, making you the dream girl of every boy in the town!

Bows are Back:

This year, bows have created a huge sensation because of their widespread appraisal in the Golden Globe Award ceremony, red carpet events, and numerous fashion shows. From a diamond-encrusted bow headband to an oversized ribbon, bows render a jaw-dropping gorgeousness to our dazzling divas. The type and width of bow ribbons is something that should be discussed with your tailor beforehand, to ensure your dress doesn’t turn disproportionate. Add them with a snug-fitting dress and make your appearance a class apart from the rest. Bows and ribbons have always been used to wrap and decorate gifts and presents. A woman of breathtaking beauty with a bow ribbon tied on her is, therefore, the ultimate gift for the eyes of her admirers!

Treat yourself no less than a princess, because you deserve nothing lesser. Beauty is a rare gift and we believe in caressing and further sharpening this gift with adequate fashion statements and skincare. Like Ariana said in 7 Rings: Lashes and diamonds ATM machines, buy myself all of my favorite things.