Photoshoot makeup in NYC - Your guide to the best in business

New York has always been a paradise for the fashionistas around the globe. Quite rightly billed as the fashion capital of the US, New York is one of the most happening places to be in for a photo shoot. And when you talk about a photo shoot, “makeup” can’t be left far behind. Photoshoot makeup in NYC is one of the hottest trending affairs, and saves up time and money as well! How? Well, you don’t need to spend them on editing unwanted things out of those fabulous images through Photoshop!

One of the most important things to remember during a photo shoot is that the camera that is being used can never quite capture the actual vibrance of the skin; it doesn’t quite portray the makeup and colour that you actually use. It is therefore of the utmost importance to keep in mind that you need to apply more make up- more than you want to show up actually. You may want your images to capture a simple and subtle look on your model, but that doesn’t mean that any less make up would do; you still need to overdo the whole makeup that you may be applying since it won’t show up as strong as it is through the lens. This happens because the light bouncing off from makeup alters the way it actually looks and the vibrance is somewhat lost in the process.

The models are the main protagonists of your photo shoot, for obvious reasons! Choosing the best model to portray just what you want might be a very difficult task. You might find someone who fits in just as well, but the camera doesn’t quite capture the essence that you want your images to reflect. That’s when photo shoot makeup comes to your rescue. Photo shoot makeup in NYC a hot affair in the fashion world, and transforms the way models look through real life editing.

Practitioners of photo shoot makeup in NYC make sure that they apply the makeup on the subject under similar lighting conditions as during the actual photo shoot, or else the makeup might ten to take on a lighter or darker shade when it is converted to an image. Photo shoot makeup in NYC is said to be done in natural light, or something close to that. The reason behind doing so is that the make would automatically look good in any light if it has been tested upon in natural light.

Photo shoot makeup in NYC has been made simple by some of the most efficient names doing the business. Some of them are:

Eden di Bianco:

Eden Di Bianco is one of the top artists of photoshoot makeup in NYC. specializing in natural beauty services, Bianco graduated from the Carsten Institute. One of the most notable features is that this artist only uses cruelty-less professional grade makeup. With clients like Lizz Winstead, Bella Agency, Travie McCoy, JC Penney, and Alexandra Grecco, Bianco specialises in hair and makeup services and is the go-to artist for photoshoot makeup in NYC.

Raychel Wade:

Raychel Wade is one of the most famous names in the world of makeup artists, and has seen her work featured in Allure, In Style, Cosmopolitan, Real Simple, O, The Oprah Magazine, Lucky and Self among others. This NYC makeup artist gives up great makeup lessons to amateurs and learners, provides personalised makeup guides, organises makeup workshops and applies bridal makeup.  Certainly one of the best artists of photoshoot makeup in NYC.

Ivanka Lova:

Ivanka Lova is famous for her designs of bridal makeup and hair, great party makeups, as well as photo shoot makeups. This New York City makeup artist has attended the 0Ivano-Frankivsk Art and Culture University and is a veteran of the New York beauty industry, having worked for more than 10 years.

Marie Robinson:

Marie Robinson has already worked with huge names like Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway, and Elizabeth Moss. The Marie Robinson salon boasts of makeup artists who specialise in applying bridal and everyday makeup. They shape eyebrows as well as apply temporary eyelash extensions to make it ready for a great photoshoot, making them one of the hottest artists of photo shoot makeup in NYC.

Photoshoot makeup in NYC follows some key guidelines to bring out the best in the images. To start with, they make use of a base of both moisturizer and primer in order to make all other make up go smooth on it. Also, to reduce the editing process later on, artists of photoshoot makeup in NYC try and hide any sort of wrinkles or imperfections to show in the images. Moisturisers play a great role in photoshoot makeup in NYC, and Nerium is always a good option among the dozens that you find. If the model being worked upon has a reddish skin, artists of photoshoot makeup in NYC make use of a greenish primer in order to balance out and nullify the reddish tinge, which in turn saves up a lot of time and money on editing the images later on. Barring the lips, the makeup is done in such a way that there is a minimal shine on the face.

Specialised make up has become one of the greatest needs of the current photo shooting process. The glamour industry is becoming increasingly dependent on specialised photoshoot makeup since it cuts up on the editing cost and time, and brings out the original thing. Editing does leave a touch of the artificial, and thus the industry is resorting to the best photoshoot makeup techniques to bring out the actual vibrance and essence in the images without having to remove the imperfections through Photoshop.

New York is a fashion hub, it always was- the dream destination to be if you are into the glamour industry. And if you are a photographer who would like your models to look just the way you want in the images, New York is definitely the place to be. With all the artists of photoshoot makeup in NYC, life becomes easy and you can take your time off the artificial software editing, and bring out the natural in your images.