How To Create The Perfect Neo-Gothic Look?

A gorgeous pair of oxblood lips and smokey eyes are just perfect for any season, and we all have tried to perfect this look at some point of time. Oh yes, ladies, we are talking about the graceful and hot Neo-Gothic makeup look which is seriously worth drooling for.

But it looks very bad if the makeup turns out cakey and smashed. In order to pull off the best flawless look, especially the Neo-Gothic style, you need to follow some basic steps and that's why we are here today!!

So let’s take it from the top!!

Begin With Primer:

This is pretty basic. No matter what look you are going for, do not proceed with the makeup without applying a nice layer of primer. A smooth and generous layer of primer can act as a canvas for your makeup and makes it long-lasting. Talking about Goth makeup, @aoifemoriah has done some good work!

Complexion Correction:

Before you move on to apply foundation, get your hands on the right color corrector to ease out any dullness, redness, and sallowness on your skin. Though many people feel that the corrector should be followed by the foundation it's advisable to get it the other way round.

Use The Correct Shade Of Foundation:

When it comes to the foundation, make sure you are working with a formula which suits your skin type. There are different ones suited for dry skin and oily skin. Plus the shade you select must also match your skin tone. Something how @art_by_alex1995 did!

P.S: Use a makeup blender to ease out the foundation.

Create A Slight Glow:

Though the Goth look is all about looking cold, a little glow on your face will not hurt. So, apply a few drops of liquid illuminator on your cheekbones and create a soft glow.

A Dark Smokey Eye makeup Or Monotone Lid:

Now, the most crucial part of your Goth look is all about the eyes! So, use your fluffy eyeshadow brush to create the smokey eyes by applying a nice blend of eye shadow across the lid.

But you do not want to become a raccoon with your eye makeup! So, apply the eyeshadow just above the crease line so that you have enough space to blend in the next color. Finish off with some glitter in the corner of the eyes.

Touch-up With Black Liner:

No Goth makeup is ever complete without some thick eyeliner to complete the look. Though it's very 90’s, it's very apt at least for this look. So, just apply a generous amount of eyeliner to rim the upper lids of your eyes. Wow! Look at that dramatic impact! Finish off the eye makeup with a flick of your mascara stick. 

The Perfect Red Lips:

Now, have you ever seen any Goth makeup look which is devoid of a pair of red hot lips? No, right? Thus to finish off your killer Goth look, a nice pair of hot red lips is a must! You can pick any red shade that suits your skin type and go hot with it! @reereephillips is doing that amazingly!!

So, that all ladies, try this hot Goth makeup look and very soon we will be back with the best Goth fashion tips to compliment your Goth makeup!

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