The Perfect Makeup Trend For The Holiday Season

Makeup trends change by the season, very much like fashion trends. So, what you donned last month, may not look peppy this fall. Since the holiday season is upon us, it's time to give your makeup stash some attention. Obviously, it will look pretty dull if you team up your trendy funk clothes with back-dated makeup trends.

Fortunately, not everything that you own will go into storage. There are a few makeup trends that will remain hot even for this fall. Fashion is always about old wine in a bottle. So you can rest assured that the makeup trends for this fall will be on similar lines. Classic, bold, glamorous, and hot are what we are aiming for!

To that end, you can try the following makeup trends for this Thanksgiving:

Touch of Glitter:

Of course, you are not going to get stardust covered just because it's the holiday season, but a little glitter touch on the eyelids is always beautiful and subtle like @thee_glamoligist. However, if you are trying the glitter trend, do not go overboard with it. Keep the application minimalistic to shine just as much required.

Hot Smoky Lines:

Bigger and broader eyes always look dreamy and are desirable in all seasons. Look at makeup crafted by @yasohammad.This trend is not changing for this fall as well. Smoky lines are hot this season and work to the benefit of those who do not have enough lid space. This might be the ideal time to bring out your favorite eyeshadow palette. Mix the blacks with the gunmetal shadow to create a more defined look for your eyes.

Glow With Blood Orange

One of the favorite autumnal hues is Orange, and thus this monochromatic shade is the ideal lip color to adorn this season. Keeping in touch with the “pumpkin spice” feel, blood orange tones blend in amazingly well with the holiday spirit. However, it's essential to apply the tone in moderation. We want lovely lips, not lava lips! Check out @jihoonkm for inspiration. 

Play With Sapphire Shadow:

Happy news, lazy beauties! This season, you do not have to take up the pain of blending in different eyeshadow shades. Just pick your favorite jewel tone shadows and get going. The final look is sure to look hot! This is one look that pulls in a lot of attraction, and you don’t even have to try! Just dip your fingers in your favorite jewel tone shadow, dab on your lids, and let the eyes do the rest! @ggzbeautylounge creates quite a stir with her sapphire shadow. 

Those Brown Lips:

Another season favorite color is Brown! Brown lips are everywhere this year. Contrary to popular ideas, brown is not a dull color, ladies! They are sexy and versatile, and thus, you must have one of these stored in your makeup kit. Such an amazing look curated by @tshegoo_mua

It's time to look super hot this holiday season, and these fantastic makeup trends will make that journey a cakewalk!