Are you ready to look hot or your first online date?

It’s been some time since we are stuck indoors. Social distancing has taken its toll, and we are all doomed to isolation. Even though we might want to cheer ourselves up, there are a lot of restrictions to abide by. No going out, no coming close to people, wearing masks, and God knows what else! 

This situation has proved to us the importance of things that we so far had taken for granted, for instance, our social life. Even though we are now practicing social distancing, human contact has become more important than ever. Yes, you cannot go out to meet people or even on a  date, but thanks to the virtual world, it's possible to see a few familiar faces at times, and also go on a date!

Yes, you heard it correctly, on a date! So what if you cannot meet your date for coffee, or dinner, you can do all that through the various video conferencing apps. However, unlike going on a real-life date, online date has its tweaks, and one of the major ones is how you dress up for it. 

While you can pull off a glamourous evening look on your in-person date, being on an online date is about keeping it as natural chic as possible; and since many of us are indulging in it, a style guide is essential. To that hand, here are some handpicked tips from all of us at My Style Authority.

Keep It Interesting:

Since most of us use a laptop for the various video call platforms, it's advisable to try out a waits-up style. These date calls are very different from your work conference calls, so avoid boring tones, and opt for eye-catching ones. You can keep it peepy with bodysuits, or have some romantic details on your clothes like satin, lace, ruffle, or even silk. Another way to keep it interesting is by wearing different types of necklines and sleeves. You can opt for asymmetrical necklines, plunges, and choose to go for bell sleeves or even puffs since they are so in these days. 

Makeup Must Haves:

Source: Glamour

No, this is not the time to go all out with your makeup. So stay away from the highlights, contour, and anything shimmery. The basic idea is to make your dominant feature pop. If you have big expressive eyes, go on to highlight those, if it's your lips, pump them up with the right lip shade that matches your skin tone. Finally, since the makeup is for a video call, make sure you follow the makeup tips that work for the camera.

Don’t Over Accessorize:

Source: Glamour

While accessorizing, stick to the basics. Since a video date focuses more on your portrait area, a simple scarf around your neck can go a long way to enhance your looks. Avoid wearing danglers and hefty earrings. Yes, they are fun to wear but on a small screen, when all the attention is on your face, such earrings cause a lot of distraction. Additionally, stay away from jewelry that creates a lot of noise. You do not want the microphone to pick up the jingle of your bracelet overpowering your date’s voice.

The Perfect Lighting:

Source: TechRepublic

Even though you might look all-natural and glam at the same time, all the efforts go down in the drain if your date cannot see you. As you know most webcams offer awful quality and that deteriorates even further if there is insufficient lighting. So make sure you avoid such an issue with effective rim lights and light panels to keep your room illuminated.

Connect With Your Date:

Source: MakeHimYours

Okay, you might be narcissistic, always checking how you are looking, and fixing your hair while on a video call. However, you need to STOP doing that. It's a date after all with another person, not yourself, so stop looking at yourself and connect with the person on the other side. Keep it natural like any other date.

As it seems, staying indoors is going to be the way of life for the days to come, so let’s make the best of this situation. Stay healthy, safe and in love <3