The One Shoulder-Trend

This is a year of off-shoulder trends. So if you want to look peppy, then you must have one of these one-should cut out clothes. The best part is, the style shows just the right amount of skin and has thus taken this summer by storm.

In addition to being absolutely sassy and sexy, one-shoulder clothes create very cute silhouettes. This applies to anything, be it tops or dresses.

But in order to look absolutely hot, you need to know a few tricks. Here is what My Style Authority has to offer:

  • If you are wearing a one-shoulder top for the first time, choose a solid colored attire. It's better to stick to dark colors such as black or bright colors like magenta. Go for some chic accents such as ruffles, beads and such other things to give some fashionable punch to your solid colored style. But stick to your comfort area for starters.

  • The one-shoulder trend looks the best when it is teamed with a pair of straight pants or palazzos. If you are opting for solid color blouses, opt for neutral bottoms to keep the look hot yet classy. This combination creates a powerful impact.

  • If you want to add some chic to your style then you can pair your one-shoulder dress with a broad solid colored belt.

  • One-shoulder dresses are stylish in themselves. So do not go overboard with the accessories. All you need is a pair of great shoes and a gorgeous bag to slay in style! However, if you really want to wear jewelry, then opt for nothing but a cocktail ring and some small but glittery earrings. P.S you do not need a necklace with a one-shoulder dress or top.

  • This is a style which you have to flaunt. There is no point wearing an off-shoulder dress or top if you insist on staying under veils. Fortunately, shoulders are attractive universally, so it's okay to show them off. However, if you feel the nip, you can pair your look with an open blazer, a bomber jacket or a cardigan.

  • Like all other styles, one-shoulder clothes too vary in their fit. Thus, you have to try quite a few different styles before deciding on a particular one. In many cases, you may find that the neckline falls in the wrong place, and the fit does not quite suit you. But fortunately, there are quite a few styles on the platter. You can choose any, from the Grecian style to a Jenny cut.

So go shopping for this trend and pick the one which reveals your style the best!