Its All Neon Green

For a very long time, designers have been wondering how to bring the magic of neon green in real life. As it seems, that the mystery has been solved and the fashion brands have finally entered the game of making the neon green color usable in our everyday lives.

But don’t let that fluorescent light scare you, neon green-toned fashion can be tried all year round, be it any season any day, any time!

That leaves us with a crucial question- What neon green things to buy this season? Let My Style Authority guide you in that:


Since the color is ultra striking, it's better to use a chunk of it at one go. Thus, a bold overcoat or a straight jacket can be your best option.

If you are one not very up for contrasts and bold colors, you can team up your neon green jacket with neutral tone clothes to bring out the best of fashion.

If striking colors is what you wish to opt for, then a combination of blue and neon green is a killer!

Neon Green Pants

We admit these might seem a little too much if you are more used to subtle tones. Plus it's very easy to look like a hot mess in these if they are not teamed properly. But does that mean that you should give up on the trend? Of course not!!!

You can opt for simpler cuts and styles for your neon green pants to get a less showy look. However, if you still think this is too much, you can go for track pants or sports pant in this shade.

Do not hold back from playing with colors. Experiment with DIY crafts to bring out a customized look.


Skirts are super cool and can never let you down in times of need. So if you a fashion-ready person, neon green blinding skirts are for you to try.

The best part is, you can go for any fabric that best suits your style. Be it satin, cotton, silk or anything. But since neon green is going to be a striking color it is ideal to seal the deal with some light-colored blouse.


If you are not afraid of taking risks and wish to be the center of attraction for every event, then this trend is for you to try! But once you decide on wearing a neon green colored suit, please remember that the clothing is quite a lot in itself, thus keep your accessories low and your makeup nude.

Additionally, stay away from adding more color in the mix. Finally, the neon green suit must fit you like a pair of gloves so that you can pull it off perfectly.

Layer Up:

If you are one who wants to try out the neon green tend but doesn’t feel confident enough, layering might just be the ideal thing for you to try.

For this, you can pair up your neon green blouse with a jacket in any neutral tone or something in black to bring out a customized version of the neon green tend so popular this summer.

So go green ladies, not with envy though, but in fashion!