Natural hair - The new trend among confident women of color

Kinky hair styles? No worries at all. Now, you can wear your natural hair more comfortably than ever. Shun those chemical treatments and allow your hair to grow by itself. Be proud of the your natural tresses. If you are comfortable in them, no one, just no one can raise their fingers at you. And if they do, answer them confidently. Say that if you are happy with your wild curly hair, it is because of the fact that it makes you feel unique and beautiful. See how they shut their mouths and you strut away, feeling more confident than ever.

Only recently have the women of color started embracing their beautiful natural tresses. Some time ago, most of them used to take those expensive visits to the salon and apply chemical relaxers to temporarily get rid of that coarse texture; that was doing more harm then good. Not only were those visits too expensive for any middle class woman, but also they degraded the natural quality of their hairs with synthetic chemicals. But now, things are changing for the better. The African-American women are growing a new trend to wear their natural hairs in offices, at homes or in social gatherings and are flaunting their curls in a totally unique manner. Numerous hairdos are available all over the style boards that help women embrace their natural texture, no matter how coarse or unmanageable it appears to be. Why? It is because they have at last realized the importance of staying natural. It makes you unique, that's what it does!

Afro hair? No fear!

Nowadays, afro textured hair is no longer bullied in workplaces. So, if you think that you need to straighten out your hair before you join office, then you are wrong. And if your employer says so, then you have better options of leaving the company and going somewhere you will be accepted the way you are. At the end of the day, it is all about being yourself and doing only what you feel is right. But yes of course, if you wish to style your hair once in a while, you can always do that. But the reasons should be your wish and not any kind of societal pressure.

Natural hair and celebrities

Of course, all new trends get popularized with the celebrities. People look up to them and when they find them embracing their natural look, they become intrigued and do the same. The likes of super model Ya Ya Dacosta, Solange, or Gabrielle Union have become popular because of their courage to don their natural look without chemically smoothening their hair. They have embraced mother nature over the regular bullies or critiques of black natural curls. You can do the same; there’s no harm in flaunting your beautiful kinky tresses. We have come a long way from society conventions and are empowering ourselves everyday against the norms. So, why not do that regarding our looks? Think about it and do what is necessary.

Few common questions regarding natural hair on black women and their answers :

  • Is it okay to go Afro at work?

Of course it is. As mentioned above, if you are comfortable, no force in the whole world can make you feel humiliated because of such a minor thing as the texture of your hair.

  • Can I style my hair by keeping it natural?

Well, there is not a single reason why you can’t. C’mon the celebs are regularly chopping, cropping, and experimenting with their hairstyles. If they can do it, why can’t you? A variety of hair styles are available for women with natural hair and you can very effectively exploit the natural hair dos to don a brilliant look. Be proud of your natural beauty; there is no alternative to it.

  • Don’t you think natural hair takes a lot of care and maintenance?

Yes it does. But so does your face and skin. So what is the problem if your hair takes a bit more of your time? Consider it as a cost of being unique and beautiful in your own way, which you are, unless you are embracing some other idea of beauty.

You can braid, loc, or weave your  hair to don an absolutely stunning look. Even if you can’t do it yourself, opt for professional hair services to experiment on your hair. But, the use of chemicals to straighten your hair and those expensive visits to the salon just because you tend to have more curls than usual is a big No-No. Be beautiful, feel graceful and embrace the nature. You will be appreciated by those who understand its value.