The Must-Haves of The Season

With each season nature changes it’s colors, trees shed their leaves, and the sky alters, then why must you wear the same boring stuff? That pleated skirt of yours may not be a season favorite now, and your satin blouse may be a little overused. So what to do? Well, nothing much because My Style Authority has got it all figured out for you! We have got all the hand-picked styles of the season which you can add to your wardrobe and become an instant fashionista! Why do we do this? It’s simple..we love you and this is to make that love known! So without much ado let’s dive in!

Flared Jeans:

This is why you should keep some of your old stuff, especially denim. You never know when a particular style might come handy. Oh yes, lady! The flared jeans are back from the 70s. This is one item that you MUST have this season as they will be an essential part of the fall collection! Slide into a pair and bring out the hippy in you!

Boho Long Dresses:

While boho jewelry created a havoc sometime back, this season will be owned by long flaring boho gowns! Channel all your romantic energy this season with a printed maxi dress. Add some dash of kohl to your eyes, team up with some sleek jewelry and you are set!

Suede Dresses:

It’s all about suede this season ladies! The material will be seen on some major runway shows; so you better be ready beforehand. Be it a suede skirt, top, dress or anything else, as long as it’s suede you’re in the game! Pro tip: Go for something in rich tan or jewel tone. Pair up with basic boots and you are set.

Dainty Blouse

Like flared jeans, the bows have reappeared! But here is the catch, it can now be placed on anything! Be it hair bands, clips, dresses or tops. In fact tops and tunics with bows are going to be the season favorite! A white bow shirt, dark colored denim pants, and a moto- jacket, is all you need to become an instant head turner.


You can unleash your cowGirl spirit in knee up boots this season without much care! Like denim, the knee up boots can be teamed up with almost anything. Be it a mini skirt or a pair of jeans, add some knee up boots; and spice up your look.


How can the best of this season be complete without velvet! Oh, girls velvet is in the game again for the fall, and will also be hot in the winters to come. Velvet has always been a classic favorite. Go for a side slit velvet bodycon, or a simple tee, all is good and classy with velvet!   So rush to the stores near you and grab your piece! Wear your confidence well and you are good to go!