Ten Top-Notch Must Have Maxi Dresses for the spring of 2017

  • Maxi dresses are an inseparable aspect of springtime wardrobes.
  • As the spring of 2017 is approaching fast, MSA has a compiled a list of ten must have maxi dresses.
  • Each of these maxi dresses promise to delight you and enhance your fashion quotient.

When it is spring, the most comfortable dress type that pops up in our minds is a maxi dress. It is that ankle-length, or even floor-length dress that is informal and yet versatile. Generally, maxi dresses fit the bust and torso. At the bottom, they are loose and flowing. The speciality of these dresses is that they are cut in special ways and tend to flow on the body as well. These loose and comfortable spring dresses are generally made from cotton, and polyester too is a popular material. Maxi dresses offer a lot of variety in terms of colors, patterns and necklines. As spring is approaching fast, here is a list of twelve top-notch must have maxi dresses for the spring of 2017 from the desk of My Style Authority.

1. The first in our list of must have maxi dresses that should not be missed this year is the Poppy Pansy Embroidered Off The Shoulder Dress by Alice + Olivia. This elegant, ankle-length red attire will give your shoulders some much-needed breathing room. While its design is definitely Bohemian-inspired, the features those make it a must-buy are its neckline, decorative detailing and zip closure. Its maxi length gives you just another reason to fall in love with it. This lovely pansy dress is equally awesome for daytime and evenings. This beauty can be all yours for a discounted price of $279.

2. Second on our list of must have maxi dresses is an Asymmetric Printed Silk Maxi Dress from Diane von Furstenberg. Available in stores at a discounted price of $300, this is part of the debut collection of Jonathan Saunders. It is made from two fabrics, the first being pure silk, and the second one containing polyester and spandex in approximately 4:1 ratio. This beautiful dress has asymmetric handkerchief edging and comes with a stylish waist tie.

3. The next entry in our collection of top-notch must have maxi dresses for the spring of 2017 is a Tiered Voile Maxi Dress from See By Chloé. Made of ecru voile, this slip-on maxi dress comes with dual layers - the outer layer is made of polyester and the inner lining is 100% cotton. This simple and yet elegant dress is the perfect blend of a classy beachwear and a toned down party wear. The soft and natural fabric complements its sun-kissed shades. This must have maxi dress has a price tag of $298.

4. The fourth of our must have maxi dresses is a Gingham Check Maxi Dress by designer duo Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida. This black and white check dress is made of polyamide and polyester and is priced at $1045. It is an extremely simplistic and yet very classy dress that can be worn for different occasions. It also looks extremely comfortable and is a must buy for your spring wardrobe.

5. Next up, on our list of must have maxi dresses is soothing yellow Shift Maxi Dress by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini. This super comfortable dress is made of 100% cotton and is available for $216. This designer piece is made in Italy and promises to make your spring very lively. Why wait? Add it to your wardrobe today and welcome spring in style.

6. Entry number six on our list of must have maxi dresses is a Prairie Maxi Dress from designer brand Needle & Thread. This black and pink dress exudes a lot of sexiness because of its short lining. There are two layers in the dress. The outer layer is made of viscose and the inner lining is composed of polyester. Priced at $350, this must have prairie maxi dress makes a great attire for romantic evenings.

7. Coming at number seven is a David Halter Neck Cotton Maxi Dress, which we feel is totally indispensable for your spring wardrobe. This beautiful red and white cotton halter neck dress is nicely infused with a scarf motif. Designed by Dodo Bar Or, this dress has a soothing effect on the eyes and has to be on all lists of must have maxi dresses. It can be purchased at a discount for $328. The amount is definitely worth paying because this maxi dress has the potential to make spring even more beautiful.

8. On our list of must have maxi dresses, the eighth entry is a White Blurred Stripe Maxi Dress by London based womenswear designer Saloni. This elegant white dress features details in silk and polyester and displays a classy pattern of polka dots that contrast the background. The price tag for this sleeveless maxi dress is $825. It can surely provide a lot of cool comfort to you during spring.

9. The next dress that we have included in our list of must have maxi dresses is a Striped Cotton Halter Neck Maxi Dress by Rosie Assoulin. Made in Italy, this multicoloured cotton dress comes with intarsia stripes of white, teal and yellow that are present on its front panel. It is made of 100% cotton that promises complete comfort. The halter neck collar, which is oversized, infuses an interesting retro feel into this colourful maxi dress. You can buy it for $678 and rekindle your childhood memories of spring.

10. The tenth and last entry on our list of must have maxi dresses is a Halter Neck Tiered Linen Maxi Dress that has been designed by Marios Schwab. Made out of linen, this exotic khaki-green halter neck maxi dress has a plunging neckline and a low back. This too is made in Italy and carries a price tag of $791. It is a tiered slip-on maxi skirt with an elasticized waistband, and is unlined.

These ten top-notch must have maxi dresses are absolutely essential for enhancing your fashion quotient during spring 2017. Team MSA strongly recommends that you buy as many of these as possible and add color and class to your wardrobes. We are sure that dressed in these awesome maxi dresses, you will look totally gorgeous and enjoy a lot of admiration during the fast approaching springtime. Are you still waiting? Now that you have a list of the best maxi dresses, start shopping right away!