MET GALA 2019!!

Fashion went bondless and crazy this year at the Met Gala, and why not? Did you check out the theme? It was Camp: Notes of Fashion.

Oh no, we are not talking about camp as in tents or sleeping bags, but extravagant fashion styles. The theme draws its inspiration from Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay which addressed camp as “love for unnatural”.

Well, it's good to say that the theme was well received by the various celebs who dotted the event dressed in breathtaking garments and sassy accessories.

While you must have already read about the various styles exhibited this year at the Met Gala Grand event, here are a few favorites of Jessica Dew, CEO, My Style Authority.

Janelle Monae

Quoting this hot fashion inspiration, “ “I am camp. It’s embedded in my DNA,”, and oh my did she mean it! She walked in a customized Christian Siriano dress. But that would be the least to say. The star turned multiple heads when she walked into the event flaunting a balloon-hipped dress with a motorized blinking eye topping her breast, a smooth fashion touch by the Smooth technology.

The dress was the representation of the African Period (1900) artwork by the Spanish prodigy Picasso, one of Monáe’s favorite.

Lady Gaga:

She is one star who can pull off a camp style anywhere, and thus, this event was for her to own! The pop star chose to become a Russian doll being one of the five hosts for the event. She was spotted in the event wearing an enormous fuchsia dress accompanied by an entourage of umbrella holders.

But what began as a fluanty show soon began to morph. After striking a few amazing poses with her suited umbrella holding men, Gaga shed the fuschia layer to reveal a beautiful asymmetrical black gown within! But that was not all, the black gown went out to reveal another fuschia column gown! Props played a great role for her this Met Gala. Each layer she shed was accompanied by some prop or the other. The first being the umbrellas, a big phone from another century for her column dress and finally a wagonload of Champagne to go with her delicately made undergarments. Oh yes. She stripped down to her undergarments. Gaga on point!

Gigi Hadid:

This star gave us a free trip to the future with her ensemble. The supermodel chose to go head-to-toe with Michael Kors. Her sequined silver, gold and white outfit were accompanied by a complementing headpiece, a tailored coat, and a feather train.

Finally, the supermodel had added silver eyelashes and glitter accessories to finish her look!


Talking of pulling a hot red carpet appearance, J Lo never disappoints her fans. This Met Gala was no different. The star walked on the red carpet wearing a sizzling hot sparkling dress by Versace.

The dress in talk flaunted a plunging V neckline accompanied by a thigh-high slit. Well, that is a must! No J Lo look is ever complete without a full show of her toned and beautiful legs!

The ensemble was complemented by a pair of platform heels, diamond bracelets, a ring and finally a Judith Leiber clutch.

Lupita Nyong

All the celebrities killed it with their beautiful sizzling looks this year at Met Gala, but stars like Lupita Nyong'o took the theme literally a notch higher. She was yet another star dressed in Versace, a pink star-patterned dress coupled with rainbow-colored wings.

Not only was the look colorful, but it was also bold, daring and classy in its own sweet way. The star played on the makeup harp which was sharp on point. But it was Lupita’s hair and the secret message that it held which stole the show.

Styled by Vernon Francoism, Lupita’s hair was made up in a towering afro with five golden pricks positions in specific points. As per Vernon, the style was inspired by the looks of Marie Antoinette and the portrait of “Pickin”.

Priyanka Chopra:

Met Gala is not only the birthplace of haute couture but is also the ultimate platform to find love! Exactly two years back Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas met at Met Gala in 2017. Two years later they attended the same event as husband and wife!

A fashionable love story! Coming on her ensemble, you must have noticed that she has taken the social media by storm with her customized Dior gown.

Her stunning hair, silver frosted eyes, and raspberry toned eyeshadow and lips sealed the deal with a bang! But that's not all, she finished her look with a silver feathery flowing cape. The cherry on the top was her cage styled silver crown. Doesn’t she look like Johnny Depp from Alice in Wonderland? Could that have been her inspiration?

Jourdan Dunn

This lady was a walking talking beautiful Rose in Met Gala 2019! The famous model chose to wear 21 plastic roses that were printed in 3D, all attached to a wearable titanium cage.

Designed by Zac Posen and General Electric Additive, Jourdan Dunn rose ensemble weighed 30 pounds. Though the idea sounds pretty simple, the designers took hundreds of hours to create it!


What about an award for the most massive train in Met Gala? Oh yes, Cardi B won that! The rapper took the runway by storm with her quilted feather gown designed by Thom Browne. The red gown was so huge that Cardi B had to be assisted by handlers to help her make it up on the red carpet.

But with a little help from her entourage, Cardi B posed for the most iconic photo on the stairs of Met Gala, 2019!

So here is the list of our favorites! What’s yours?