Matching Your Lips and Nails This Summer!

Of course, lipstick is THE most important makeup item to pump up your look, but pairing up the tint with a matching nail paint will really add the summer oomph!

If you want that double glam dose all you need to do is match your manicure with the color of your plump lips! There are a lot of options for you to choose from, you can go wild with some berries or you can keep it classic with some very pretty nude shades.

Take violet, for instance, and a pair of beautiful mauve lips look extremely glamorous with a matching manicure. Just try it!

But of course, the summer is all about options. So how about we give you some very vibrant options to try out.

Bold Red:

Red is always a firecracker color and it is the best way to keep it classic. The best part is, that this nail lip duo will look good on anyone. This is one of the simplest ways to look hot without even trying. But in order to create this coordinated look, you require an exact copy of your lip shade for your manicure or vise versa. For instance, Deborah Lippmann’s nail polish matches perfectly with the Sephora Collection's Minnie Mouse lipstick. Look at how @ffantasyreality does it!

Fine Wine:

After red, if there is any color which looks hot, it's wine. This is the perfect shade for an evening date and can also be worn during daytime if paired with the right type of clothes. Since the shade is extremely feminine, you can flaunt your lips and nails even with dresses and skirts. The perfect summertime look! Some fine wine look by @molecamenina!

Citrus Twist:

While peach is an easy color to wear both on the lips and on the nails, this summer, step out of your comfort zone and try a bit of citrus, something like Orange maybe?

If you wear them right, the bright tangerines are very effective and will help you to stand out of the crowd. The shade is ideal because it suits any complexion. Check out

Spicy Browns:

Browns are always pretty and can glam up any look. Deep cinnamon is an all-day color and is perfect for dusky beauties. Stick to brown tones with a hint of cherry. These are great to pull off an ombré look. She pulls off brown like no one else! @mrs.emma.mear

Pink Trick:

If you are planning on wearing florals, then bubblegum pink is the ideal option for you. Pink is THE color for you to wear if you are attending a daytime event. Since it's a very playful color, carrying it out is very easy. See how @courageousbeauty_with_aspen has done justice to the look! 

So pick a color and match it on your lips and nails. Be the ultimate fashion icon this summer! Do click pictures and share with us to get featured with My Style Authority.