which boot style matches your personal style

Besides the beautiful foliage, pumpkin spiced anything, and the perfect sweater weather; the best part about fall is BOOTS! Finding the perfect boot to match your sense of style can be a little tricky but that’s why were here! No matter if you’re an all-black-all-the-time kinda gal like me, or a more adventurous dress-what-you-feel type, there is a boot out there to match you. Here you’ll find four different boots for four totally different fashion senses; all fabulous, all practical, and all necessary for this season.

Even as a fashion guru, I am a total victim of throwing on a black pair of leggings, with my staple black sweater and running out for the day. I know it isn’t very creative, but it is definitely my go-to. SO, if you’re like me (don’t be afraid to admit it) these little booties are a necessity in your closet. These Steve Maddens are cool and clunky, but also the most comfortable things ever!

Now for the preppy ladies out there, you have plenty of boot options to choose from. My favorite, below, is one of the best preppy-cas boots on the market. They might not be nice enough to wear to the office, but they are perfect to bop around town and show your neighbors you know your style. These Sperry cuties are waterproof, and lined with furriness, so they’re perfect for the fall to winter transition!

Now, if you read my fringe-everything post you already know my hippie boot of choice. The Minnetonka All Over Fringe Boots, though not warm, are an epic investment for this fall. The brown neutrals make them perfect for every outfit, while still keeping that unmistakeable hippie vibe.

My last boot suggestion leans toward the grungey girl, but is definitely an all around perfect accessory. Dr. Martens have been around forever, come in any color your heart desires, and are totally waterproof. Hello gorgeous! I personally have them in two colors, black and light black ;)

As much as I would love to leave my flip-flops on all year long, these boots make the colder weather a little easier to brave!