2000s Style That Are Making A Comeback

Heard about old wine in a new bottle? Well, if you have, then that's what’s this blog post is all about! Fashion is all about innovating and recreating old styles in a new way. To that end, a lot of old schools styles are making a comeback in 2019!

For instance, tube tops were a great scene in the early 2000s. Celebs like Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears and every other starlet you can possibly think off have pulled off a tube top look.

In 2019, it's time to bring back the same style, with a bit of twist! Something similar was done by Jordyn Woods when she pulled off a smoking hot tube top with a beautiful black short skirt! There, a classic do-up of retro and chic!

Another popular trend in the early 200os was colorful glasses! We all remember those babies on Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears!

Only recently, this style made a reappearance, and was flaunted by the sizzling pop star Selena Gomez who carried off a pair of cute tinted sunglasses with much ease!

So, before you ransack your closet to get rid of all the unwanted clothing articles in it, read this exclusive post by My Style Authority to find out what all old clothing stuff you can keep and turn it into a big fashion statement this year!

Best of the 2000s!

Boho Chic:

These were some super amazing line of design in the early aughts. However, the trend of the early 2000s was far more skin showing than the ones in high fashion in 1960s. The boho tops worn in the early 2000s would barely cover the least!

But now these particular prints and patterns have made a comeback most commonly found in flowing dresses and scarves.

The Boho chic style is not very easy to pull off. But divas like Alexa Chung, Margot Robbie, and Selena Gomez did an amazing job to bring out the best of boho chic styles!

These ladies have laid down some amazing fashion goals to go boho in 2019!

Funky Shell Necklace:

Each and every teenager owned a couple of these babies in their middle school or high school. Of course, if you are a boy, you probably got teased for wearing these back then! But hey, they are back from the retro era and are in high fashion currently. So keep those funky shell necklaces you were planning to get rid of.


Have you ever watched "Lizzie McGuire?" No?! Then please drop whatever you are doing and get a close look at what Hillary Duff wore in the show. The rhinestones are sure to get you dazed! Plus they are coming back so you might as well, get your hands on a few rhinestone clothing items or keep the ones you have safely!

The rhinestone clothing items can be your to-go options for clubbing. Hit any NYC club and you will spot clubbing peeps covered in Rhinestones. Literally!

Rhinestone chokers are already flooding H&M, so it's not going to be long before “PRINCESS” tees flood the market again.

Dress on Jeans!

Can’t decide if you want to wear a pair of jeans or a dress? No problem! Combine the two like it was very popular in the aughts! You will perhaps spot a lot of this style from the famous TV series Hannah Montana, starring Miley Cyrus!

So don’t hold back from using this dynamic mix and match and bring out the best in you!

Wear some classic retro and own your look. Much love. Xoxo!