Make Fashion Large

Do you think that only zero-figure women are sexy and deserve to wear fashionable clothes? Well, don’t beat yourself up with that silly unrealistic thought! You can look haute and fashionable no matter what your size is.

The term “Flaunt your style” applies to each and every woman, and of course, to all sizes. Just because you don't have skinny legs and a flat belly doesn’t mean that you can’t wear clothes you like.

In fact, that’s what real women look like! How many times on the streets do you come across a model from the New York fashion week?! The streets are in fact, flooding with beautiful plus-sized ladies who take care of everything in life. They are responsible mothers, passionate artists, office goers, and of course beauty queens.

Thus why not look into the best clothing options for these “real women”.

My Style Authority has always been the flag bearer for equality, so today we will try to bring an equal fashion quotient for the plus-sized women!

Black Is Always a Good Color Option:

Black is perhaps the most fashionable color one can find. Interestingly, everyone looks beautiful and gorgeous in black! This age-old rule even holds true for plus sized women. The best thing about black clothes is that they make anyone looks toned, in other words, it has a “ slenderizing effect”.

The options are multiple ladies! Be it a black pantsuit, a basic pair of black denim with a black tee or a sleek dress. Put one on and let your curves do the talking!

Denim In Dark Wash:

Like black clothes, dark wash denim too can make you look thin and sleek! In fact, dark wash denim looks even better on curves (one thing the slimmer girls cannot flaunt). A pair of denim in a dark shade hides away the problem areas and bring out only the parts worth highlighting. This is something, light shade jeans cannot do.

However, you have to be a bit cautious while buying those whisked or ripped jeans. Choose your style wisely. There are a few types of denim which draw attention to the hips. In that light, if you happen to have a bulky hip, try avoiding such designs.

Waist Cinches:

Defining your waistline will take you a long way to make you appear even curvier and that is highly desirable! Thus go for cinched dresses which will highlight your hourglass figure. However, if you don’t want to buy such a dress, you can always use accessories to define your look. For example, a semi-wide belt can be of effect.

A-Line Skirts:

If you have a heavy lower body, then an A-line skirt is your A-plus choice! The clear cut of such types of skirts nips on the waist, glides over the hips and hits right above your knees. This creates an illusion of a perfectly balanced figure! Pair this up with a fitted shirt and you are all set to enthrall!

So ladies flaunt what your curves and wear your confidence high!!!