MSA at Mac Duggal NYFW 18 Runway Fashion Show

  • Being an invitee at Mac Duggal NYFW 18 Runway Fashion Show was one of the most important moments for MSA.
  • As a guest at the NYFW 18 Runway Fashion Show, MSA is excited to offer a sneak peek of its events.
  • Why the NYFW 18 is a milestone in the progress path of MSA?

Welcome to My Style Authority! Last week was one of the most important weeks for MSA. Our mission to make the world a much beautiful place took a step ahead with the invitation from Mac Duggal. We are really honored to be a part of the New York Fashion Week. My Style Authority was invited to the Mac Duggal NYFW last week. Being involved with beauty products, make-up, medical and message spas, costume designs and hair designs; we are thrilled to be a part of such a huge event.

My Style Authority is focused on offering not only the best designer dresses but we also thrive to provide you with the best quality makeup articles, beauty products and services. And this is why, it was our chance to observe and learn a lot from the Mac Duggal NYFW last week. Apart from the best in class beauty products, we have got the most talented and experienced beauty professionals who offer customized services. We will also offer talented beauty professionals with a platform to showcase their services.

Mac Duggal’s Journey to Success

Before we delve deep into what we observed in Mac Duggal NYFW last week, we would want to brief you about Mac Duggal and how he became a brand name for the best women’s apparel. Mac Duggal was born in India. As we are aware, India is a land of colors. It is a land of unity in diversity. Mac’s interest in women’s couture fashion started when he observed the fusion of Indian women’s apparels, its vibrant designs and traditions along with a very contemporary and sophisticated design. Mac is always near to his homeland and this is why he is close with the Indian culture which inspired almost all his work.

Mac arrived in the USA in 1983 and started his journey to success with Creative Collections. It was his first collection of dazzling gowns which was a fusion of Western style and elegance along with vibrant Indian colors. The focus of Mac Duggal was best in class quality and heritage. The highlight of all his designs is the fabric he uses. This is why he always used the beautiful fabrics and focused on colors which are spicy just like the cuisine and fashion of his homeland.

The brand Mac Duggal enhanced further with the presentation of designer gowns and pageant wears. The state of art high fashion prom dresses was the ones that made him really popular in the fashion world. With the success of these collections, he became the winner of 1998 Diva Fashion Award for Designer of the Year. He is the sponsor of both national and international pageant titleholders which include Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Earth, Miss World and Miss Universe.

The Mac Duggal NYFW collection house showcases the best seasonal collections. These dresses are popular for their intricate feminine details and modern sensibility. The Mac Duggal designer house is headquartered in Chicago which brings on the one-of-a-kind styles especially designed for Red Carpet, stage performance, cocktail dresses and gowns to make the milestone moments remarkable one.

The New York Fashion Week September 2017

With the invitation from Mac Duggal NYFW, we had the chance the experience the best in class glamour and unmistakable energy from the crowd. There was a plethora of glamour sitting on the seats along the runway. The reception from Mac Duggal NYFW was exceptional and this is not something new for Mac Duggal. The reason is, Mac Duggal is not only a designer, but he is a brand of beauty pageant and prom dress lines in the US. He is the one behind the most popular designer clothes in the US. It goes beyond saying that the spotlight was solely on Mac Duggal for all the fans were cheering for the excellent designer gowns at Mac Duggal NYFW and we are delighted to be a part of the show.

Along with the shimmering gowns and bejeweled adornments in Mac Duggal NYFW, Mac Duggal also unveiled the unexpected. The brand new collection of Mac Duggal NYFW comprised of the floor length capes, the unconventional shorts, slacks and even body suits. Last season, Mac Duggal was on the Headlines because of his body positive message which integrated both the regular and plus sized models. This time it was the reality TV stars along with professional models who wore his creations on Red Carpet and Mac Duggal NYFW. It was quite surprising that a lot of celebs were not initially confident about walking one of the top notch fashion stages of Mac Duggal NYFW but Mac Duggal convinced them to support him in launching his Spring collection for 2018 through NYFW runway presentation.

Celebs at New York Fashion Week, September 2017

The first night of the NYFW was a star studded one. Tom Ford, Kim Kardashian, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Game of Thrones star Gwendolyn Christie was also among the A listed stars from Hollywood. Arissa LeBrock, the famous star of the reality series “Growing Up Supermodel” and also the daughter of famous supermodel Kelly LeBrock. She immediately agreed to be the plus sized model that supported Mac Duggal’s body positive campaign. Roxy Earle who is a star of the very popular series Real Housewives of Toronto” also agreed immediately to come up in support of Mac Duggal’s body positive campaign. She is also known for her Body Confidence Activism. You may not be aware that Roxy is a true plus size member in the TV series Real Housewives of Toronto and she always praises Mac for the start of Body positive campaign. The runway appearance of Roxy Earle is also scheduled to be filmed for her TV series. A very popular model and trans-activist, Carmen Carrera is also scheduled to attend the NYFW.

There were several other celebs and influencers who were scheduled to attend the September NYFW 18.These celebs include the ex world class snowboarder Amy Purdy, the former SNL member Joe Piscopo, the stars of “First Family of Hip Hop” Lea Robinson and Eseni Ellington, the stars from “Love and Hip Hop Stars Sky” Tahiry and Landish Jones. The cast members of “Tough Love”, author of “Ella Enchanted” Gale Carson and the very famous Globetrotter Jermaine Middleton. The major attraction of the event was the diva Rihanna. She made a grand entry to the New York Fashion Week. It was three motocross riders who showed some death defying tricks to open and close the event. And the best part was Rihanna hoped on one of the motocross bikes as she bid adieu to the audience. The event took place in The Angel Orensanz Event Space. It is located at 173 Norfolk Street, New York City.

Celeb Reactions

Twitter was just over flown with the immense amount of reactions from celebs about the NYFW 2018 Runway Show. One of the most renowned Olympian Aly Raisman called designer Pamela Roland’s 2018 collection as “incredible” in her tweet. The athlete just stunned the NYFW 2018 with her low neck deep blue dress shimmering with metal rings and scalloped buttons.

Celebs like Katie Holmes came up in support of budding designers like Tiffany Huang, Adam Dalton Blake and Ghazaleh Khalifeh. The collections of Calvin Klein were quite appreciated by Jake Gyllenhaal, Russel Westbrook, Paris Jackson and Lupita Nyongo. This was the second time consecutively Tiffany Trump, the first daughter made an appearance in the New York Fashion Week 2018. She was at designer Taoray Wang’s show. She previously voiced her support for the designer.

Why is Mac Duggal NYFW 18 a Remarkable Milestone in the Progress of MSA?

The primary focus of My Style Authority is to match up the fashion and beauty professionals with clients seeking service and products. New York Fashion Week is undoubtedly the top notch fashion shows that one can dream to attend. It was absolute dream come true for MSA to be a part of the NYFW 2017 where MSA got the chance to have a firsthand look of Spring 2018 collections prepared by Mac Duggal. The Mac Duggal NYFW collections were covered previously by renowned publications which include Elle, WWD and Seventeen. A lot of A-listed Celebs like Eva Longoria, Carrie Underwood, Khloe Kardashian, Marry J Blige, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Ann Inaba represented Mac Duggal.

We are Still in the Hang of the Mac Duggal NYFW 18

Having the first hand experience of the Mac Duggal NYFW collections after visiting the New York Fashion Week, we can proudly say that Mac is all about creating something timeless and exceptional. The designs come in the state of art fabrics which offers the wearers with a perfect fit. We have been in the fashion and beauty industry for quite some time, Mac is definitely an inspiration for MSA. The best part of his designs. At present, Mac’s collection offers a classic design which is a fusion of both Youthful sophistication marking the present moment and keeping tomorrow’s trend in mind. The experience that MSA had from Mac Duggal NYFW last week, is going to stay with us for a long period of time as we move forward in this industry.