Gear Up Low Utility Trends

Be it Givenchy or Hermès, Fendi or Loewe, all are about military-inspired fashion trends for a couple of months. If you have been following the works of these big houses recently, you will know what we are getting at.

But it's not a trend that has come in vogue recently. In fact, the utilitarian style has been in trend since 1970! The style eventually died out before reappearing again with a bang in the early 2000s.

In that light, one particular low utility trend which has been quite popular are the cargo pants.

But that's not what 2019 is all about, the current low utility trend is about bringing a feminine touch to this otherwise masculine fashion statement.

Well, no worries, we are here to sort it out for you all! After going through this article you will have a fair idea about what to get your hands on to make low utility the utmost fashion this year!

Cargo Pants on The Go:

You can already feel the summer heat burning your soul. This makes lightweight cargo pants essential this summer. However, if you have an old pair of jeans you can simply stitch them up in favor to make military-inspired utility pants.

If you are not up for the baggy version of these cargo pants, you can select the streamline ones as well. They go perfectly with a light blouse to make up the cool summer style.

Trench-It Is:

A trench coat is essential for both the sexes this year. These babies offer the perfect amount of warmth for the summer days and can create beautiful silhouettes worth admiring. Trench coats are the trend that is playing greatly well with the aesthetically crafted utilitarian style. Not only are these coats practical, but are also elegant and a timeless classic that will perhaps never go out of style.

Maximize Utility:

The art of warfare is about a great deal of utility and practicality. Thus using the military-inspired trend will minimize and simplify your wardrobe to a great extent. In that light, how about low utility jumpsuits with multiple pockets?

In order to keep with the tone of the trend in the discussion, choose jumpsuits in earthy tones like beige, brown, khaki green and such.

You can glam up this trend of course. Do not be under the impression that low utility is about zero accessorizing. You can still put on the shiny choker or that sleek belt. But again, do not go overboard with the pieces of jewelry. Don’t end up looking like a hot mess.

The weather, like most people these days, is as unpredictable as it gets. The temperature can change from cold to boiling hot in a matter of hours. Thus it's important to keep a light jacket handy, just in case.

A cargo jacket can be more trusted than your old buddy denim jacket this season. The fit of the jacket can, of course, be customized as per your choice. Go for a well-tailored one, or opt for something a little baggy to suit your personal style.

Keep it low utility this season. Keep it stylish.