How To Look Hot While Working From Home

It seems like we will be stuck at home for a while, and our laptops will replace our office system. Indeed it can be tempting to fall in the trap of pajamas and sweatpants if we are to work from home for an extended period, some people, however, like to dress up a bit to maintain normalcy.

As more and more Americans will be working from home for some time since coronavirus is looming large, it's important to keep your spirits high. One way to do that is by wearing fancy clothes while working from home says some psychologists. But again, what to wear? Fear not, for Jessica Dew (The Tech Barbie) has handpicked a few options that you can look into.

Cozy and Casual:

Source: New Look

While working from home, your employers will surely not care for what you are wearing as long as you get the work done. While this can work for some time, you do not want to get in the habit of wearing just sweats and nothing else. Though it's important to keep it cozy while working for home, introduce a bit of style with animal print trousers and a cute fun top. This can be your go-to option for the days you don’t have any client calls. In case you do, then maybe a semi-formal blouse can do the trick. No matter how casual you want to be at home, your clients should only get to see your professional side right?

Dressing for Success:

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Success comes to those who are confident about their work. While your work will do the talking, lazing around the house in a creased crumpled top may not add to your confidence quotient. To add to it, your clients might want to have a quick chat with you right away! Even while working from home, you have to be prepared for such unforeseen events. To that end, a nice crisp solid colored blouse can heighten your confidence level to a great extent. Pair that up with a pair of crisp trousers and you are ready to go. To add to it, keep your makeup simple enough for the camera and limited to just the essentials. For instance just enough mascara and a nude lip tint to complete your look.

How To Brighten Your Mood:

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Since we are all stuck indoors in a gloomy environment, it does not mean that you have to dress up in gloomy shades too! So come out of your grey, black, and snuff colored shirts and tops, and try a few peppy bright colors like red, pink, green, yellow and such. Additionally, experiment with different types of fabrics like cotton, satin, nylon, and much more. You can also try some metallics to keep your fits fun.

Now, make your work from home happy and fun! It will be a while till we can get back to our daily routines, till then keep your style game peaked. Fashion is never going to leave your side, so embrace it and look sizzling as always!