How Pop Culture is Influencing Fashion Designers in NYC

  • 18th September, 2017

The term “pop art” was first discovered by a British curator known as Lawrence Alloway in 1955. It described a brand new form of popular art which influenced fashion designers in NYC. It was a movement which combined the likes of common people and popular culture. Pop art is the art which is labeled as being simple yet bold in vibrant c ...


The Definitive List of US Beauty and Fashion Brands Ruling Snapchat

  • 13th September, 2017

You just cannot deny that the internet has allowed us to have a million ways to get a fix on our beauty. Starting from online shopping, YouTube DIYs to Snapchat posts, you can get beauty content notifications everyday at any time you want. Recently, Snapchat has become one of the best ways to share live stories with your friends all over the world. ...


MSA at Mac Duggal NYFW 18 Runway Fashion Show

  • 12th September, 2017

Welcome to My Style Authority! Last week was one of the most important weeks for MSA. Our mission to make the world a much beautiful place took a step ahead with the invitation from Mac Duggal. We are really honored to be a part of the New York Fashion Week. My Style Authority was invited to the Mac Duggal NYFW last week. Being involved with beauty ...


Ten Top-Notch Must Have Maxi Dresses for the spring of 2017

  • 26th July, 2017

When it is spring, the most comfortable dress type that pops up in our minds is a maxi dress. It is that ankle-length, or even floor-length dress that is informal and yet versatile. Generally, maxi dresses fit the bust and torso. At the bottom, they are loose and flowing. The speciality of these dresses is that they are cut in special ways and tend ...


A Typical Day At The Uber Glamorous New York Photoshoot Events

  • 20th July, 2017

Beyond all doubts, New York is a global fashion capital that dictates the style and fashion quotients of the western world and those of many other parts of the planet. In one of its recent blogs, My Style Authority had provided you with a guide to the best photoshoot makeup in NYC , keeping in mind the necessities of fashionistas in and around t ...


Celebrating Fourth of July  with Pomp and Grandeur at Fair St. Louis

  • 5th July, 2017

Construction work is still continuing at the Arch, so, this year too we went to Forest Park for celebrating Fourth of July at Fair St. Louis to commemorate the birth of the greatest nation in the world. As expected, the three-day event was packed with loads of pomp and grandeur and we didn’t miss a chance to enjoy every moment of the sheer aw ...


10 Essential Summer Beauty Products that You Can’t Miss in 2017

  • 30th June, 2017

Winter is long gone, and so is spring. Summer is making its presence very much obvious. Temperatures have risen and humidity is wreaking a havoc. It’s no wonder that your beauty and makeup kits too have changed in order to keep up with the climate. The bold and often vampy look that you loved to sport during the colder months have been traded ...


Fleet Week New York 2017 Updates and Your Summer Fashion Guide

  • 28th June, 2017

Fleet Week is an American tradition that dates back to 1935. During this seven-day event, active military ships belonging to the US Navy, US Marine Corps, and US Coast Guard return from overseas to be docked across major American cities. Fashion, as we all know, loves to be influenced from time to time by military uniforms. MSA, therefore, wanted t ...


Celebrating Father's Day With Celebs

  • 20th June, 2017

Father’s day is observed every year on the third Sunday of June in more than forty countries to honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood. Though we believe father’s day is forever, this day gives us all a chance to unite as a whole and thank God for our childhood superheroes - the ones that never really needed capes to demonstrate their s ...


71st Tony Awards: Best and Worst Celebrity Style Statements

  • 13th June, 2017

The 71st Annual Tony Awards, that had the world glued to TV sets on Sunday night, opened a Pandora’s box of celebrity style statements - both oh-so-good and agh-so-bad. Nevertheless, we could not ignore either. While the night was made memorable by the gentle wit of Kevin Spacey who happened to host the show for the first time, our fashion-hu ...

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